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    hadi thank you so much for this video. I didn't even know there was complete gameplay. How beautifully everything is done. All streets are buried in greenery, there are many details on the streets, on bridges, in cars 8|

    This is something beyond fantasy, for me personally. Insanely beautiful :love:

    After the early version goes on release, I'll buy The Bus and the first thing I'll do is put on my favorite season - winter. I am sure that it is also very beautiful in winter :)

  • but i hope that those "phases" are not paid, are they?

    edit: actually yes. They are going to charge money for it, for every phase, that is if i understood it correct from the video. So the first "phase" you will have to pay but not the full release price. But as every phase is going to release the price is going to rise to eventually the release price.

    But things like multiplayer is going to come as a DLC, is that correct Quarney? ;)

  • As far as I understand, if we buy an early version after the release, then after a while (8-16 months) we pay nothing, and at the time of the final version we continue to play The Bus for the initially purchased amount. And those who want to wait for the full version in 2022 will pay the full cost of the final version, which will appear at that time. This is my opinion on this matter.

    Only Quarney can provide accurate information. Please note this. We can only express our point of view.

  • Hey guys,

    you do not have to pay for each phase. If you bought it, its yours, regardless if you bought in phase 1, or at full release.

    If you decide to support us in phase 1, which would be fantastic by the way, you pay less than in phase 2, 3 or at full release.

    So, the price just increases over time with the features added. If you jumped in early, you ofcourse also get the added features, just cheaper.

  • If you decide to support us in phase 1, which would be fantastic by the way...

    Of course I will support :thumbup: As soon as the buy button appears I will add The Bus to my library. There can be no question that I will buy later.

    I will be glad to take part in testing from the first day, to make the product even better, and of course to spend time with pleasure :love:

    Thanks for Timo answer :)

  • If you decide to support us in phase 1, which would be fantastic by the way, you pay less than in phase 2, 3 or at full release.

    so that means that we will get a reasonable priced game with lots of content in the future, sounds very interesting :)

    i'm all for it! ^^

  • hey Timo the bus looks awesome i really cant wait to play this new bus sim also sorry for all the horrible comments i said a while ago :).

    also dose that mean the bus will be coming out soon :). ? I'm really excited

  • The BUS looks amazing! The detailing of the streets is very high, there are many trees and other vegetation, buildings and outbuildings, roads and sidewalks, everything is reproduced to the smallest detail. Pedestrians walk the streets, and passengers enter the bus themselves, it's great. The interior of the bus also looks very good, I smiled like a child when I looked at all this splendor! Super!

    Early access for The BUS came as a surprise to me, at first I was not much upset that the game would not be released as a finished product, but then I thought about it and decided that it might be even better, because then we, the community, will be able to participate in the development of the game and in the end we will get exactly the game we always wanted.

    I am anxiously waiting for the moment when I can run The BUS on my computer.:)

  • @up

    I'm also super-excited about The Bus and I also cannot express it enough how good the game looks. The Early Access will only help us make the game even better as it will be easier for the entire community to spot bugs and problems, as well as give us the opportunity to give suggestions throughout the development. Now where is the pre-order button? ^^

  • I will definitely buy The Bus as soon as it's available. Definitely agree that the early access is a great idea. This way we can all help with bugs/glitches and get an awesome game in the end.

  • Maximus, if I didn't know that this is a screenshot from The Bus gameplay, I would think it is a real photo of a real bus 8|

    The new traffic looks perfect :love:

    I never cease to admire the beauty of all that has already been done on the Bus and all that remains to be done :thumbup:

    On the last day of summer, I can write with confidence that this summer 2020 has definitely made us all happy with great news. And already quite a bit, perhaps this winter, we will all be able to witness and participate in a real miracle on Steam, which we have been waiting for for a long time.

    Just one route and single player?:/

    8|This is so great! :thumbsup:I am very happy about this one. Some contributors have written and continue to write that they will wait for the full version. This is good to some extent, but my point of view is that you can start from an early version and not lose interest in the final release.

    Personally, I will never get tired of driving along the same route and enthusiastically watching how it will be created before our eyes, I am not afraid of the word "masterpiece".

    On the contrary, it is interesting when you go along one route, then after a few months another route appears. You see how the simulator gets better and better.

    Moreover, when the final version is released, even in 2022 or 2023, I will still be delighted to run this simulator on my pc.

    I don’t know about you guys, maybe I’m an ardent fan of buses, but I personally cannot stop. If the simulator is delayed, then it's for a long time.

    I can drive a bus in simulators for years and never get tired of it. A week will pass and again you want to get behind the wheel of the bus.

    So, personally, on the contrary, I'm glad of the early version of the simulator. This is a very, very big plus!

    As always, I wrote a large article in content ^^