New DLC: MAN Lion's Coach 3rd Generation

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  • I liked the news that comes in the package of the new MAN Lion's Coach, these two mirror modes and also two hubcap models are sensational ideas.

    I hope that in the future they will include vehicle customization. replace hubcaps, vehicle floor, seat upholstery, lighting, curtains, among others. :)

  • Yes, I believe what you said. Dynek MBO530

    Personalization adds a lot to experience and satisfaction.

    Just like when you buy a house, you make plans to make some improvements and leave it to your taste thus providing you with well being.

    In games this is no different.

    Especially in the Tourist Bus Simulator format if these improvements have a cost to be applied. It is an extra encouragement for you to make a good management and thus improve your entire fleet.

  • MAN3rd_TBS_800x450_EN.jpg

    Our new DLC MAN Lion‘s coach 3rd Gen is now available for purchase! Available for both Fernbus and Tourist Bus Simulator, this DLC not only offers innovations in terms of design, there is also a new variant with the two-axle version of the Lion's Coach C. It is also possible to replace the normal exterior mirrors with the OptiView camera system and to equip the tires with hubcaps or to drive with normal rims.

    The price for the MAN Lion‘s Coach 3rd Gen is € 12.95 or your regional equivalent.

    Have fun!

  • Many are probably thinking about buying the new Man Lion's Coach 3rd Gen DLC, but they can't decide for themselves whether to buy or not.

    I will try to dispel all doubts about this. And I hope my review is useful for someone to make the right decision! This DLC is definitely worth buying for your collection ;)




    This is my opinion on this DLC :)

    Only one thing is not clear, Steam for some reason does not display the time spent in the DLC. Shows everything by zeros.


    But if you look at the total time spent in the simulator, then everything works fine there. I do not know what exactly is the reason. Most likely this is some kind of glitch :/X/


    There is only one wish that in the future a sun visor (sun shade) appears above the driver 8o

    Thank you very much, TML-Studios! :thumbup: I am happy as a child! :love: :thumbup:

  • But seriously, never seen that before. I doubt that it has anything to do with switching to Win10.

    On the other instance you mentioned, was that on the same spot maybe? Or do they by any chance have anything in common you could remember?

    Timo today I think I found the reason for the escape of passengers from the bus. I think it has something to do with the new MAN Lion's Coach L 2017 DLC.

    All videos show passengers running out of the bus. But on one route, I made sure for sure that this is due to the new DLC.

    I traveled on this route for a very long time and there were never any problems with passengers, and after installing the DLC, passengers on this route began to run out.

    Watch them run out of the bus

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    This is not a big problem for me ;)