Advice about Fernbus Coach Simulator

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  • Hello forum!

    I want to get a advice for this game in future.

    1. I want to launch multiplayer meaning be able to play multiple people on a server.

    2. I heard many suggestions to get more buses like that VDL futura FDD-2,Irizar I8 or Setra TopClass S 531-DT in completation I want to get in plus all variety TopClass & Neoplan Cityliner and Tourliner.

  • Welcome to the forum! :)

    It's unlikely that multiplayer will come to Fernbus since the game would've had to have that in mind when building it from the ground up.

    TML-Studios implemented multiplayer in the beginning phases of its upcoming game, The BUS, which is why its possible there.

    I remember TML suggesting a few years ago that someone might be able to create a multiplayer mod, like TruckersMP for ETS2/ATS, but without modding tools I don't see that as a possibility.

    With regards to more bus variations, TML are constantly working on new bus models so more variations are coming. Take a look at the upcoming MAN Lion's Coach 3rd Generation DLC if you haven't already. ;)

    Make sure to add future suggestions, wishes and ideas in this thread to help keep the forum clean. 8)

  • Hi there!

    Thanks for your suggestions, but Dynek explained it very well already :)

    We've got many vehicles in our pipeline already, so just have to wait and see. Next up is our MAN Lion's Coach 3rd Gen.

    Best regards

    I am closing this thread now.

  • Quarney

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