Update 26 - officially released

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  • Update 26 has been officially released right now!

    You can see the complete changelog here:

    Changelog 1.26.35564

    • Italian localization completed
    • Optimization of performance and streaming
    • New light, sky and weather system added
    • Seat and driver camera settings are now independent for each vehicle
    • New grass vegetation
    • Added grass on the edge of the highway and federal road sections
    • Starting in the “Free Play” mode in Karlsruhe now works again
    • Route at Steinhude revised
    • With digital tickets in shuttle mode, passengers now show the correct graphics on their smartphone
    • Fixed crash when loading routes
    • Corrected incorrect landscape LOD texture assignment
    • Corrected graphic artifacts of Distance Fields
    • Symbols on the world map are now correctly displayed depending on the mode (FlixBus or Shuttle)
    • Fixed a bug that caused glittering effects in the 3rd person camera
    • Corrected the labeling of traffic signs
    • Fixed incorrect collision
    • Incorrectly switching tree group LOD corrected
    • Corrected wrong FlixBus stops in the cities of Stuttgart, Kassel and Leipzig
    • Corrected incorrectly marked drivable roads in Bremen
    • Some graphical bug fixes
    • Preparations for new DLC

    DLC France

    • Route at Nante revised
    • Route at Toulouse revised
    • Route between Lyon and Geneva revised
    • Corrected departure signs west of Rouen

    DLC Anniversary Repaint Package

    • Repaints for all variants of Scania Touring added

    DLC Scania Touring

    • Corrected a spelling mistake in the description of the repaints

    HOTFIX BETA 1.26.35734

    • Fixed a crash caused by incompatibility between Windows 7 and the current Unreal Engine version
    • Faded lighting system further corrected
    • Corrected incorrect light settings in the dashboards of the individual buses
    • Incorrectly placed grass further reduced
    • Shadow artifacts on bridges further reduced
    • Roads blocking buildings, fences and other objects further reduced
    • Corrected speed limit within Leverkusen.

    DLC MAN Lion’s Coach 3rd Gen

    • Adjusted the lighting conditions in the Optiview mirrors

    DLC France

    • Tours is passable again (collision at toll station has been corrected)

  • The problem of excess (solar) light returns to the state of two previous betas. In the last one it had improved and now in the final summer it went backwards.

    The mirrors are too bright and the GPS panel is too dark to the point that I can't see practically anything (both dark and light).

    There are many variations of light that is changing the colors of the vehicle and scenery in general.

  • hello, you still have not resolved my concern that I sent you a support and a suggestion

    I will also repeat 15000 times, when I assign my 2 keys to left and right directional arrow to look left and right

    it still doesn't work

    and also I had noticed on the highway limoge toulouse

    at a given time we see mountains and signs indicating bordeau x, biarritz

    in my memory no biarritz and bordeaux sign

    Consider if you start from dismissal for Bordeaux, you have to go through perigueux and not through current toulouse on your route


    please take the right route as on this map

    and remove the mountains that we see on the highway from limoge to toulouse

    and don't forget to correct the right and left arrows to look left and right on the logiteck g29 steering wheel it's been 3 months since I reported this problem to you on your 2 or 3 games

    thank you in advance

    do not worry I will come back in the next updates to see if you have finally resolved my concerns

    thank you

  • Hello Yannick [FR],

    Most likely something went wrong with the latest update and files were damaged, so please try to reinstall the game completely, please follow the instructions below exactly, so your game status is preserved.

    Please uninstall the game via Steam, after uninstalling open the following folder:

    C:\Users\[Your Windows User Name Here]\AppData\Local\Fernbus\Saved

    Delete the folders:

    "Config" and "Logs"

    Now open C:\Users\[Your Windows User Name Here]\AppData\Local\Fernbus\

    and delete "Cached Textures" and "Settings"

    Now open your Steam installation directory:


    and delete the Fernbus simulator folder.

    Then restart your PC and reinstall the Fernbus Simulator.

  • Thanks Gauggi .

    I followed your instructions, similar to instructions than Timo gave to me (during beta). But the issue is allways same for me : when I click on the launcher (Fernbus/Football DLC), the game doesn't start. It's not a crash.

    Perhaps I'm not the only player with such an issue. Steam Profil Marshall149320 made a post that said that he could play anymore since las update.

  • Hello I am getting a lot of errors with the 1.26 update. Some roads also have greenery. Traffic lights disappear.

    Man lions coach bus has a lot of lag issues. 30 to 45 fps.

    There are still ongoing optimization systems. please fix the optimization problem

    Merhaba 1.26 güncellemesiyle bir çok hata alıyorum. Bazı yollarda da yeşillik var. Trafik ışıkları kaybolur.

    Adam aslanlar koç otobüsünde çok fazla gecikme sorunu var. 30 ila 45 fps.

    Hala devam eden optimizasyon sorunları var. lütfen optimizasyon sorununu düzeltin.

    Oyun Bilgisayarım


    ► Bilgisayarımın Özellikleri

    Anakart: GIGABYTE GA-A320M-S2H Soket AM4 AMD Ryzen

    İşlemci: AMD Ryzen 3 2200G Socket AM4

    Ram: 2 * 8GB Ballistix Sport LT Gri DDR4 3000MHz CL15 PC Ram

    Ekran Kartı: MSI RX570 ARMOR 4G OC 4GB GDDR5 256Bit AMD Radeon DX12 Grafik Kartı


    Kasa: FRISBY FC-9280G USB 3.0 Midt ATX 3x120mm LED FAN KASASI

    HDD: Seagate Barracuda 3,5 "1TB Sata 3.0 64MB Önbellek 7200Rpm

    ssd: WD 120GB Yeşil SATA 3.0 545MB / s 3D-NAND SSD Disk

    Monitör: SAMSUNG 24 "SD332 FHD 1ms 75Hz HDMI Oyun Monitörü

    Kulaklık: Rampage Sn-R9 Mikrofonlu Mavi Oyuncu Kulaklık



    ►Direksiyon Simidi Seti: Logitech G29 + Shifter

    ►Joystick: Logitech Extreme 3D Pro

    Anakart: GIGABYTE GA-A320M-S2H Soket AM4
    İşlemci: AMD Ryzen 3 2200G Soket AM4
    Ram: 2 * 8GB Ballistix Sport LT Gri DDR4 3000MHz CL15 PC Ram
    Ekran Kartı: MSI RX570 ARMOR 4G OC 4GB GDDR5 256Bit
    PSU: RAMPAGE RMP-600- 80P 600W 80PLUS 120MM
    Kasa: FRISBY FC-9280G USB 3.0 Midt ATX 3x120mm
    HDD: Seagate Barracuda 3.5 "1TB Sata 3.0 64MB Önbellek 7200Rpm

    SSD: WD 120GB Yeşil SATA 3.0 545MB / 3D-NAND
    Kulaklık: Rampage Sn-R9 Oyuncu Mavi Mikrofonlu Kulaklık

    ►Direksiyon Seti: Logitech G29 + Shifter

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  • Hi!

    Please note: Languages in this forum are English and German, please behave accordingly.

    About your problem: we are currently working on a hotfix for FBS, which will be released this week.