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  • You need to improve the simulation of the passenger movement in the bus, there is no movement of the passenger to the seat. Now in The Bus [Alpha] and Tourist Bus Simulator, the moment of sitting down is invisible, passengers get on the bus and suddenly appear on the seats.

    An example of a full simulation is in TramSim (0:16-0:19 and 3:06-3:11 of the movie)

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    It looks similar in Bus Simulator 18

  • juls2008

    I have noticed this as well. The passengers look and behave very realistically in TramSim, and TML should definitely take some advice from them, considering both games are being made on the same engine. On top of the behaviour, I'm also wondering whether the passengers will receive a visual update, in line with the new AI vehicles.

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    I believe we will see these improvements but TML are very busy right now, passengers walking onto the bus in Fernbus are a big wish of not only the community but also TML studios, however it should be done correctly, so Tourist Bus Simulator and The Bus should do this right first then it comes to Fernbus, I also wish for this feature but TML will release it when they are ready.

    Kind Regards.

  • Hi!

    We are still working on the passengers of course. What you saw are the "older models" you know from FBS and TBS, but there will come some new ones to The Bus in the end.


  • I have two more questions :)

    1. Will an Event Center be created in Berlin in the future (in the second or final stages) as in Fernbus?

    2. Will radio station work in the early version of the first stage?

  • I really like the driving show [Alpha version] through the streets of Berlin, but nobody crosses the street.

    Are you planning to introduce pedestrians to crossings?

    This is the case, for example, in Bus Simulator 18 (it is also a game on the Unreal Engine).

  • 2. The line editor / modding tools:

    Can the bus route be adapted and if so, how?

    • Yes, the lines and routes can be adjusted with editors. We will show and explain exactly how this will work at a later date.

    Map editor: how complicated does it get? Can you implement your own scenarios?

    • We have been working on The Bus map editor for a long time to make it as user-friendly as possible. Of course it should be possible to create your own maps as well as to edit the existing map.

    Will there be routes that allow players to travel a little outside the city, e.g. Berlin-Falkensee?

    • The main game will feature the TXL, 100, 200 and 245 bus routes. What the individual user then does with the modding tools is up to everyone.

    Can players add their own bus mods?

    • TBA

    Can the entire route be monitored in the Control Center? Will there be a big screen showing all routes and situations?

    • TBA

    3. The economic system:

    How is it played? What happens in the economic function?

    • In the economic system you will be able to buy your own vehicles for your own fleet, hire drivers, and maintain and repair your fleet. You earn money by making trips and selling tickets, which you can then invest in your own business. We will announce more information on the economic mode and the specific process at a later date.

    Can passenger and ticket sales rules be adjusted on each route?

    • TBA

    Can you switch between a fixed price for the entire route and a price that deviates from the zone and mileage?

    • TBA

    Can a check-in be added before boarding?

    • There will of course be a check of the tickets of passengers by the driver.

    Do passengers get on at the entrance door or at all doors?

    • At the moment, passengers only get on through the front entrance door and exit through the rear doors.

    4. The multiplayer:

    How can you imagine this mode? Will it be a big company that all players run together or will one company belong to one player and in multiplayer can the users overlap?

    • There will be the possibility to start the freeplay mode in multiplayer, if you just want to drive with others or practice together.
    • We want to discuss with you, our community, how the economy mode will work in multiplayer at a later date, so that we can develop the mode as most of you imagine and it is also feasible for our team.

    How many players can be in the MP at the same time?

    • TBA
  • More information for you :)

    FYI: Bullet point one was adjusted again, for better understanding and because a few additional questions came up.


  • Thanks to Quarney for very helpful answers :):thumbup:

    I really did not like the multiplayer mode in Bus 18. I played it for a short time, and then deleted it. There multiplayer is tied to a career. I opened my company, then went to bed, and when I entered the game in the morning, I was disappointed, because other players in my company bought buses, opened new levels and after that I lost interest :cursing:

    I was very disappointed. In other matters, I didn't really like this game ^^

    It would be nice to have real-life multiplayer in "The Bus".

    For example, multiplayer can be in three modes:

    :fbs-sign-123: 1 - free play. When, for the sake of pleasure, we can ride one of the routes and see other players on our buses;

    :fbs-sign-123: 2 - multiplayer will work both in free play and in company mode. Its purpose is only one thing - as in real life, to see other players on their buses, but at the same time they work for themselves, for their company.

    I personally would use this mode all the time. Everyone works for themselves, for their own company, but at the same time they are in the same virtual world, where they see other players and can communicate with them.

    :fbs-sign-123: For those who want to work together, you can make a third mode, which will consist of working together within the same company, where there is one director and his partner (assistant). An assistant has no right to: buy buses, sell buses, dispose of the director.

    If you can make multiplayer only in one mode, then for me the most optimal and best multiplayer mode is the second (where you can see other players and work for yourself, for your company). I'm mostly for him! ;)

    I do not demand this, I just express my point of view, which you can add to everyone else who also writes their opinion about the multiplayer mode.

  • It would be nice to have PASSENGER MODE in multiplayer (and/or single player).

    For example:

    There will be demand just by taking a bus driven by another player or AI and looking at the lovely city of Berlin.

    If you are a driver, you may have an another player among the passengers who board. Let's show off your driving skills or laugh at your failures together:D

  • is this pa of the bus lines in berlin will be on the game "The Bus"

    video link here

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  • Sorry, the link is not working for me. But yes, those sights will be visible in-game. You can drive along the Berliner Dom f.ex., which is visible on the picture of the clip.

  • The AI / passengers:

    • Will wheelchair users be seen?
    • We are already preparing all vehicles for wheelchair users, but we cannot guarantee that this feature will be included when it is released.

    • Will the passenger volume depend on the time of day (rush hour)?
    • Yes, the number of passengers depends on the times of day and days of the week.

    • Will passers-by be seen?
    • Yes, passers-by will be seen on sidewalks and squares. They will also be crossing the streets

    • Will cyclists be seen?
    • Cyclists and other two-wheelers are not currently scheduled for The Bus release. The existing bike paths and signage in Berlin will of course be integrated.

    • Will there be new AI vehicles?
    • Yes, there will finally be new AI vehicles and these with new NPCs as drivers and even co-drivers and passengers.

    The buses / DLCs:

    • Will the DLCs already purchased for FBS / TBS also be playable in The Bus?
    • This is currently the plan. It is then up to the player whether he/she wants to use a coach on a city bus route.

    • Will all (vehicles) be available or only thematically appropriate (W906, MAN Lion's Intercity)?
    • We are still deciding on this. At the moment the plan is to allow all vehicle DLCs.

    • What about the Lion's City DD and Citea models? Do you already have images?
    • At a later date we will present the MAN Lion’s City DD and the VDL Citea for The Bus.

    • Will the previous bus DLCs, which will then be compatible with The Bus, be changed to include a side / rear destination display and ticket machines?
    • The vehicles are implemented as standardized as possible so that they can be used in all other cities and countries.

    • Will the game support trolley buses in the future?
    • Unfortunately, we cannot give any statements about this at the moment.

    • Will there be other DLC cities, maybe even in other countries?
    • Of course we have many ideas for this, but for the moment we're concentrating on the core game with Berlin in Germany.

    • Will there be vehicle DLC for The Bus?
    • Yes of course. We already have a few planned.

    • Are electric / hybrid buses planned for the future?
    • We have that on our agenda, but we can't say anything specific about it yet.
  • that's awesome i really cant wait for the early access i think that's a awesome way to involve the community. and the game looks incredible i have goose bumps and when i saw the game footage i was even more excited. i love you guys awesome job :). as soon as it comes out into early access I'm gonna get my mom to get it for me as i have no way to get it :)

  • Wow, awesome! 8|

    Thanks for the answers, Quarney. It's great that you are sharing this information with the community :thumbup: I am personally very pleased. Honor and praise to you :)

    If possible, I will be glad to receive answers to a couple more questions.

    1. Will (at an early stage or in the future) on the routes there will be uneven sections of the road, holes, speed bumps, so that the driver has to slow down?

    If the bus driver does not slow down, then my second question follows from here ^^

    2. In one of the interviews on August 28, I didn't quite (due to the translation) understand about the passengers. Will the passengers react in any way to uncomfortable driving, hard braking, being late, etc.? If so, at what stage will it be implemented?

    Thank you so much! :)