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  • Why Early Access? Good that it will progress but why not just finish the game? I’m showing my age here but I miss a finished product on release not early access.

    What the time you have there dread? 12 o Clock Natty. :thumbup:

  • LT586 answers to many questions have been published on Steam. But just in case, I'll copy these answers here:

    Why Early Access?

    “We want to enable our community to join early in the development of our upcoming new simulation, The Bus, to ensure a great and satisfying experience on its final and official release. So, you can already play and follow the ongoing development hands-on. "

    How long will this game be in Early Access?

    “The Bus will go through different phases which will add more features, content and polishment until it is ready for release. This will probably take roughly 8 to 16 months of iterations and development. ”

    How will the planned full version differ from the early access version?

    “The release version of The Bus will contain the bus lines TXL, 100, 200 and 245 and multiple variants of busses from various brands.

    In-game Editors will enable you to create and edit bus lines, routes, tours and more.

    Modding tools based on Unreal Engine 4 Game Editor will be available for content creators to share their mods via Steam Workshop.

    Freeplay and Economy game modes will be available in Singleplayer and Multiplayer.

    Freeplay mode will enable you to drive each of the bus lines at any time of the year with the vehicle of your choice. Including passenger transport with ticket sale and validation check.

    Economy mode will enable you to create your own bus company. Buy vehicles and hire staff. Maintain and repair the vehicles of your fleet. And generate income via ticket sales.

    Basically, you will propaly get the full and complete game at the very end of the Early Access before the Gold Master of The Bus goes into production for retail shipping. ”

    What is the current state of the Early Access version?

    “At the beginning of the Early Access The Bus will include the bus line TXL and an articulated and a solo bus in Singleplayer Freeplay mode with a Line Editor and Route Editor. Boarding and deboarding passengers, including ticket sale and validation check. AI-Traffic featuring various types of vehicles, pedestrians and complex traffic lights. Full day and night cycle with weather and seasons.

    For a full description of the current state of the Early Access version see the "About this game" section below. ”

    Will the price of the game change after leaving Early Access?

    "The price of The Bus will be increased in steps as more and more features and content will be added during the Early Access."

    How do you plan to involve the community in the development of the game?

    “We will gather feedback and data during the Early Access here on Steam and in our developer forums. The feedback and data will be processed by the team, which then decides on the list of changes for each update during the Early Access of The Bus. "

  • Appreciate it. I’ll stick to OMSI until this is fully complete but looks and sounds a lot more plausible than DTG with “we can’t work out how to release an editor”

    What the time you have there dread? 12 o Clock Natty. :thumbup:

  • I'm really looking forward to the bus thanks for letting us know :). i feel really bad for the horrible comment i gave not so long ago so im really sorry :) tml studios. p.s they should of done this with there other games like the fernbus coach sim and many others :) instead of just letting the youtubers do it because not all of them look out for bugs they just play it as in the main ones :).

    im really excited for this ive got goose bumps:) im defo gonna get my hands on this when it comes out thats for sure 100%.

  • I keep replaying the same video over and over again... it looks great! :huh:

    The graphics look absolutely stunning. The AI vehicles look a lot more realistic, perhaps the best I've ever seen in a bus simulator. If you look closely, you can even see the different amounts of passengers in the cars. Maybe the new AI can some day come to Fernbus & TBS. ^^ The map also looks very authentic.

    I'm only sad that multiplayer isn't going to be available throughout Phase 1 & 2 but at least the team will have more time to polish it out.

    I'm very excited for Early Access. I believe it's the right direction to ensure the quality of the product, whilst giving players the opportunity to play, test and report bugs along the development.

    Can't wait for the EA release date! :)

  • when dose the early access come will it be this year ? :) im really excited

    As I understand it correctly from this video, an early version will be released either in late 2020 or early 2021. And then the development stages will go through.

  • In the course of this week we will be posting a FAQ here, which you can use to roughly orientate yourself regarding The Bus. The individual posts are divided into different subject areas, so don't be surprised if your question is not answered immediately.

    Please understand that we cannot go into further detail on some points.

    Best wishes

  • 1. About the game in general:

    When will the release be and how will it work?

    • We expect to release The Bus in the course of 2021 or 2022.
    • Since this will of course still take a long time, we will go into Early Access with The Bus in about 3 to 6 months.

    Will the game only appear on Steam or will it also be available on GeForce Now or similar? Also as a haptic copy?

    • The Bus will appear on Steam for Windows PC’s. We are in contact with Nvidia to offer our current titles via Geforce NOW.
    • AeroSoft will also offer haptic versions of The Bus for retail (can also be ordered from AeroSoft’s webstore).

    Will The Bus also come to the console?

    • No console porting of The Bus is currently planned, but we will ensure that The Bus offers full controller support.
    • The game will be compatible with both the Playstation and XBox controllers.

    Are steering wheels supported?

    • All steering wheels that are already supported (in Fernbus and Tourist Bus Simulator) are also supported in The Bus.

    How much will The Bus cost?

    • The final price will be announced later, but the price for the EA will be cheaper and then increase as the EA progresses as more features are added. This means that you pay once and can then experience all subsequent phases without surcharge or repeated payment.

    What will the system requirements be? Similar to FBS?

    • Tba

    • Is RTXray tracing supported?
      • TBA

    Will there be a Collector’s Edition?

    • Our publisher AeroSoft will decide this.

    Will there be other tasks in the game besides driving the bus? e.g. Quests, house purchase, accidents, events, etc.

    • We cannot give a concrete answer to this at the moment, as we are currently fully concentrating on the core game.

    Will there be seasons?

    • Yes

    Will there be tram lines in the game?

    • Yes, as AI vehicles you will be able to see tram lines

    Will there be a working IBIS system to collect manual information such as Enter bus routes?

    • Tba

    Will real BVG bus routes be available in the game?

    • Yes, the real BVG bus lines TXL, 100, 200 and 245 will be available.

    Will there be bus routes as DLCs?

    • This is planned. More information on this will follow later.

    Will there be any Covid-19 related features in the game?

    • No

    Will there be Steam Achievements?

    • Yes, but we cannot promise that these will be included in the game in the first phase.

    Will the radio stations FlashBAss.FM and DoubleBass.FM integrated in the new game?

    • Yes, both stations will be available.