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  • Let hope this helps!
    This effect could happen but just very rare. If you have this issues often it is mostly a sign for too high settings or the hardware you are using is not strong enough. As a first step we recommend to lower some settings (i. e. visibility, shadows, set the mirrors off, resolution). Please try out some settings to find out, which settings are suitable for your computer.

  • Bus Simulator 2012 was translated by Excalibur Publishing The cover on is the original German, Bus Simulator 2012 cover as too why it was released early IDK. Presumably the translating was finished earlier then planned it was translated by Excalibur Publishing.

  • Found a solution to the "blocking passngers" issue:

    ALWAYS open the rear door for disembarking passengers manually with key "2".

    NEVER use the key "M", since the doors can sometimes miscalculate the disembarking passengers and close before the actual passengers has get off the bus.
    The passengers will disappear, but the game still count them as a passenger on the bus. Therefore the new embarking passengers are stuck in the bus, since there are no predefined "seat space" avaiable. This workaround always work...