Update 26.2 Hotfix - RELEASED

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  • This hotfix majorly fixes the incompatibility with Windows 7 OS systems and additionally updates the lighting issues and further reduces other graphical issues.


    HOTFIX 1.26.36004

    • Fixed a crash caused by incompatibility between Windows 7 and the current Unreal Engine version
    • Faded lighting system further corrected
    • Corrected incorrect light settings in the dashboards of the individual buses
    • Corrected speed limit within Leverkusen.
    • Lighting of the world updated
    • Lights in and on the vehicles updated
    • Emissive values of all assets updated
    • Extremely slow driving AI vehicles fixed
    • Backward driving AI vehicles fixed
    • Missing grass on the terrain fixed
    • Incorrectly placed grass further reduced
    • Shadow artefacts on bridges further reduced
    • Road blocking buildings, fences and other objects further reduced
    • Fixed a bug that caused multiple glittering particles (disco)
    • HUD now hides correctly when activating photo mode
    • Other graphical errors fixed

    DLC MAN Lion’s Coach 3rd Gen

    • Adjusted the lighting conditions in the Optiview mirrors
    • “White Coop” repaint added

    DLC France

    • Tours is accessible again (collision at toll station has been corrected)
  • Hello my friends

    I made the update

    So I dismissed Toulouse

    I have already commented on the July update

    none was done except the rain on the breeze part which is better now

    1st remark I made we see the mountain between limoge and toulouse

    see capture

    explain to me where you see mountains


    apart from a river

    in my opinion you have replaced the river with mountains that you can also see when you are on the highway

    this big mistake should be corrected.

    https://www.google.fr/maps/pla…4e5:0x55c351a290c94192!m2! 3d45.8337446! 4d1.2759731

    it fits well in your map la bretteil which goes to paris and toulouse

    the 2nd error, I had confirmation from a friend who lives in dismissal, there is no toll when leaving dismissal

    while you put a toll

    please to remove the toll and especially the mountains that do not exist.

    then for the 10 thousandth time and that I have already kindly asked you in a topic of the July update and in June I contacted support

    to say that when I assign the left and right directional arrows to look left and right

    it doesn't work a bug and I have a g29 logiteck steering wheel

    please find a g29 steering wheel in order to check and re put it in the next update of the fernbus and tourits bus

    thank you in advance

    hoping to have that on the next update otherwise I would ask you as many times because for me it's easier to have the arrows to look left and right

    thank you

  • Thanks for the feedback GamingWithMe

    ivan thanks for your feedback. Please, be aware that the world map is in a scale of 1:10 and the resolution of the height map is very limited, thus we have to make some artistic decisions which don't always match with the real world simply because there's just not enough space. Same goes for gameplay assets like toll stations. Fernbus Simulator tries to achieve realism with its vehicles, physics, AI and graphics but not necessarily with its game world in a scale of 1:10. So, we offer "Germany", "Switzerland", "Austria" and "France", because it is impossible to replicate the real world as it is if the scale isn't 1:1.

    Our in-house G29 steering wheel works fine. You might want to try this:

    • In your Library you click with the right mouse button on the entry of the "Fernbus Simulator"
    • In the drop-menu you click on the entry "Properties"
    • Go to General -> "Steam Input Per-Game Setting" and set it to Forced Off
  • thanks, but I can't find where is to mark

    "Steam Input Per-Game Setting" and set it to Forced Off

    please capture me

    and for the scale 1.1 I fully understand that the map is not scale

    but on ets2 them it does not put a mountain just for decoration etc.

    do not answer me because you will answer because .......................

    and so you will always have reason

    on those I stop continuing to put mountains that do not exist in order to fill the holes;)

  • sorry I don't want to court to force the buttons so that they reinforce

    they are able to make a game compatible with the steering wheel, they have to operate the buttons

    I have been waiting for 6 months for me to ask them to correct the bug again and not tell me to force the steam;)

    if they do not I ask to reimburse me already it is shameful to put mountains while we are going to toulous normally toulouse it is a big city and not a mountain
    I find that to arouse people and to take people for stupid

    sorry i want something real

    and that the flywheel operates at 100%
    thank you for correcting this on the games
    otherwise reimburse me
    thank you

  • The game has improved in terms of lighting but it is still not ideal.

    I noticed that there is still an explosion of light and very dark parts dark.

    - The sunlight is strong to the point that the floor is completely white and we see very dark parts, for example the panel and the GPS, even when connected, is difficult to visualize the information.

    With the shadows, the GPS should be very visible because there is no external light on the panel.

  • Hello juls2008 I noticed a few people from Poland here, welcome my compatriot :)

    That's right, it works, thank you for your help. I am so sorry that I gave the report incorrectly, I did not know about it. I will delete both reports from the forum.

  • I found some bugs that can be corrected .

    The bus dashboard cockpit view is very dark and dark navigation line orange , I suggest to make it clearer for a better view. The reverse gear in the navigation is also too dark. The bus's mirrors are too dark , my observations concern all buses, I also provide photos.

    Bus Comfort Class HD - no red rear lights for daytime running.

    City Luxembourg in the parking lot, bus AI Man lion coach C the wheels collapse into the asphalt .

  • Hi there,

    thanks for your reports!

    Darek67 We are currently working on the Dashboard issue. Unfortunately, if you turn it brighter, it is correct in the day and too bright at night because those two things correlate. We are looking for a fix for this as we speak. Your other reports will be forwarded.

    GamingWithMe strange, we didn't change anything about the amount of vehicles on the street. On which streets did that happen and for how long?

    omersah1996 thanks, fowarded as well

  • Good morning Quarney ,

    thank you for submitting my reports . When it comes to dark deachboard,

    a better solution would be brighter even at night and then the correct brightness during the day. The mirrors should also be brighter, I don't want to repeat the content of other users here, but when I watch old movies, photos, this problem did not occur with the brightness of the dashboard.

    Very cool simulators, I hope you are not angry that I expressed my opinion, I do not do it in a malicious way.