Why is LOD quality too low very close to the camera? Is it a bug or by design?

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  • I love bus simulators in general, both Fernbus and Tourist Bus has amazing graphics! But I have an annoying problem. Is there any solution for that?

    Constantlty it breaks my immersion by showing low quality objects and textures very close to the camera. I suggest that the LOD distances for the first level should be improved, it's hard playing with a great graphics card and constantly seeing objects suddenly appearing in front of us, within a very few meters.

    This happens a lod to guard rails on curves, and buildings, plates, many stuff. I cannot see an option to fix it, is it something available? Generally I set everything to Epic and it runs fine (RTX 2060). But this LOD problem persists, swithching objects quality very close to the camera.

    If you don't get what I mean I may post a short video later.

    Thanks in advance!

    Edit: added some pictures showing what I mean. Look at the guard rails on the middle of the road, and also the house walls and windows. LOD should fade at a greater distance, not too close, right?

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Why LOD is too low very close to the camera? Is it a bug or by design?” to “Why is LOD quality too low very close to the camera? Is it a bug or by design?”.
  • In the Graphics settings you have the wrong option set,

    please set the field of view with the slider to 85 should be fine , I showed you the photo in case of further problems write a new ticket here https://www.tml-studios.de/forum/support/

    this is the setting of the game Tourist bus simulator, Fernbus coach simulator MXP

    If my instructions is incorrect Mathias please let me know delete the post, I wanted to help user.

  • Nice, thanks a lot! I could not imagine that this feature would make it. I like using higher FOV to see more on the mirrors directly on the model, but no problem, I'll avoid it then.

  • MXP this is a temporary solution to what I gave but , Mathias he will fix it bug with the LOD of the Guard Rail. next version.

    MXP I have a tip for you if you like to see mirrors, you can use the option , keyboard TAB then, you can use additional, mirrors on the screen by selecting the mouse. If you had the latest bus MAN LION COACH 3 RD 2020 year - you can also use additional mirror cameras.

  • Great it could be solved easily! But please remember next time to use an already existing thread for such questions or write to our support, because it will be chaos if everybody is opening a new topic for every issue.

    And thanks to Mathias and Mar... I mean Darek67 for helping out.


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