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  • so, for those that want to buy the game but are not sure whether it is going to be a nice game or not, somebody has planned a livestream, it is going live after the game releases.

    It is in german, not in english.

    Here is the link:


  • I think that by that time there will be a lot of video gameplay and much earlier than October 31 ^^

    Already on October 28, many will be able to see different videos on the Youtube channel marked TramSim 2020 ;)

    actually, many youtubers have already got a key from aerosoft (at the time of typing this), but youtubers like Squirrel don't get it yet. So you have to wait a bit, but expect from now and next week, you will have a lot of gameplay footage.

    By the way, the guy from aerosoft has already uploaded a video on his own channel showcasing the game (without A.I.)

    Here is the video (only german, but you can let youtube autotranslate the video):

  • You were right hadi. Two new videos have appeared on YouTube today. The tram simulator is impressive 8| :thumbup:

    i have just seen them both, even do i understood nothing and youtube translation is trash, but i got the idea. I'm defenitly buying this game!! The performance seems not bad for a pre release version.

  • If Viewapp will make buses and trolleybuses in the near future, I will 100% buy this simulator :thumbsup:

    I can't even write what I didn't like. Because I liked absolutely everything in this simulator, despite the fact that I love buses and trolleybuses more than trams.

    I really liked the graphics, beautiful green trees, shadows from them, sounds, high ... no ... ultra detailed buildings, which are almost indistinguishable from real ones. This is what I understand the real Vienna! :love:

    I want to give special admiration to traffic and passengers. I really liked the car traffic, where there are beautiful models of Mercedes Benz, Mazda, etc.

    TramSim is the only simulator where I saw such a cool animation of passengers when boarding a tram 8| :thumbup:

    I will not buy the simulator yet, because I like buses / trolleybuses more. But I will watch the video and follow the news :saint:

  • So for everyone that want to see the full route (even do we are still not allowed to see everything, because youtubers get a limitation to drive to a specific stop) their is one guy that drove the hole route without knowing that it is not allowed from aerosoft.

    For everyone to see it (before it goes down from youtube) here it is:

  • ^^ apparently already blocked ^^

    I also got the idea when watching two videos that they were allowed to drive to a certain place, because all the videos that I watched end in the same place (at the same stop).

    This video shows the return route, which also does not have a final stop. But you can see new gameplay

  • Yeay i know, like i said, i knew that it would be "blocked". But it isn't blocked, it is set to private. But i got the change to see it, and i was impressed. The only problem is that the guy who uploaded it, the first like 5 minutes was funny, but then he became sort of "cringy", maybe some people would like that sort of style, not mine at all. Also he deliberately drove like 20 times through red and he broke to hard at times.

    But nobody noticed that he drove to far, untile I posted it in the discord server, the people from aerosoft didn't find it as funny as i did, so they decided that it should be deleted.

    The reason is because the map isn't final at all, i saw the whole video and parts of the map weren't finished and also ai cars bugs, way to much to tell here.

    About that video that you showed, thats the guy from aerosoft (if you follow the discord server you know him) and he uploaded the other part and you can see the lake and everything, lovely!

  • For comparison, I found a video of a real tram on the network. Maybe someone will be interested ;)

    I've seen that video a long time ago, when i had nothing to do, i looked at every single video i could find about that tram :lol:

    What i've noticed is that this version of bombardier drives waay better than the bombardier flexity 2, here in belgium. Here if you drive to fast and then brake a little harder, in the old trams no problem at all, but the new trams, it begins to loose grip and then if you don't trow sand the weels like blockes and the driving experience isn't as smooth as the price you paid for such a thing. The government here in belgium said they paid around 2.5 to 3 milion euros (thats for the 43 meter version) for such bad driving trams, i don't get it. And i haven't talked about the handbrake first the trams slowes down, than you wait a second and then the handbrake comes on and it is also way to abrupt.

  • Coronavirus reaches the virtual city of Vienna in TrainSim

    yes! I have seen it two. By the way, people are so crazy about corona that they can fly from one side of the road to the other and the a.i. vehicles are also not happy about it, they get stuck at a green traffic light :lol::D

    PS: are you going to buy the game?