Hotfix 2 - Released

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  • Another Hotfix has been officially released!
    We added a colour blindness mode, improved the mirror quality at lower settings and fixed many many graphical bugs. See the complete changelog here:

    Hotfix 1.26.36470

    • Added colour blindness feature
    • Incorrectly placed grass on roads entirely reduced
    • Distance field issues mostly resolved
    • Road blocking buildings, fences etc. fixed
    • Shuttle mode routing fixed
    • Inconsistent speed limits fixed
    • Other graphical errors resolved
    • Bus window textures and interior textures fixed
    • Building textures corrected in Kaiserslautern
    • Shadow issues reduced
    • Lens flare issues resolved
    • Mirror quality improved even at lower settings

    DLC W906

    • Dashboard display adjusted

    DLC Scania Touring

    • Fixed jumping of bus when braking
  • FYI: some of the recently reportet bugs could unfortunately not be considered anymore. They are not forgotten or are already fixed and will be included in the next update, which will be released this year. Regards

  • hello, I wanted to tell you after making this update, I tested the g29 steering wheel, there is always the bug to look left and right quabd j click on the left and right directional licks It's been 6 months since I kindly asked you to ask to fix the bug and today it is still not done do, nc I find it shameful on your part that you are not able to repair this little bug for me who has trouble with the right hand if I had known there was this bug I would never have spent my money. I am ashamed of TML. who does not want to make an effort to repair. instead of fixing the bugs you prefer to make another game the bus know I will not let you go until you have repaired this bug and something else that leaves me perplexed in the roads of France please make an effort to fix this bug thank you ps I will not read your answer to you but I am waiting for the next update and if this is not done I will repeat this message as long as necessary for info: I will not let you go I am disabled I do not touch very much I spent a fortune to have a good pc and I spent 100 euro for your games dohnc please make an effort for the customers who want to play but they cannot because of your bug thank you now to you I will wait for the next update to see if it is fixed thank you