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  • I dont know is there Speedbumps or any bumps in Bus simulator 2012, but I dont see any driving games where is speedbumps.
    I dont then know is speedbumps only couple of countries like Finland in use.
    This isn"t any "have to" Improvement :D

  • Well I have been playing Bus Simulator 2012 a couple of days now and a English Manual would have been a huge help still by watching videos on YouTube the game becomes quite simple to play but please make an english manual. An option for miles per hour instead of kilometers per hour would also be good. And an obvious one a Map Editor you could sell the map editor as a different product or at least could you convert the map and vehicles from BCCS just the map buses, Cable Cars and Steet cars but also have buses from Bus Simulator 2012 on SF map (nova is not in real SF) keep the "ticket machines" and stuff and have more features on SF map no need for anouncements though as they are none in SF. And you could publish it as a Addon or as DLC (and make profit) but Map editor would be even better than SF but the map in Bus simulator 2012 is not very good.

  • I like the map of bus simulator 2012. San Fransisco map was little boring. All districts was same. Every corner was Stop sign. Freyfurt is very good map. There isn"t every corner same and The lines are too good. Bus Simulator 2012 is very good game. And like te Mainline say the game isn"t so hard when you play it more. I dont too play it perfectly but there isn"t any problems anymore. Good work TML keep same style!

  • @dj1999681 if that page you link to is real I wish I had not bought Bus Simulator 2012.
    The description is not very acurate you cant become a "Transport Tycoon" in Bus Simulator 2012.
    Teemu Viberg I agree about some of SF map being boring there is a whole part of the map I have never and dont want to ever again go to since less than a month after buying the game.
    But the map was bigger had Golden Gate bridge, rural areas and realisticly sized bus routes.

  • I now write some bugs and things what I have found of game.
    1: When I turn all of my driving wheel to left or righ and bus is on stop. Then I push full throttle and then the bus goes like rocket. It really accelerates 0-50 km/h about one second. That happens accidentally sometimes when Im turning and Im stopped.

    2. Nearly every bus stop where I leave passengers the first passenger who leaves the bus start standing after he/she leave bus. Then the other passengers try to go around him and it takes about 3 seconds. Those are little things what doesn"t are fatal.

    3. Sometimes the game crashes when I drive route. Its irritating because it usually crashes when route is nearly end. I play high version and my computer runs game fine. I dont know are Im only whos game crashes about once a day.
    There always reads "Bus simulator 2012 exe stopped working"

    Sincerely Teemu. Sorry of my English.

  • Well, If you release the "A" or "D" keyboard keys while steering, the steering wheel gets back into the middle position to quickly, does using a Logitech G27, or any other Gaming Steering Wheels improve this ? I want to see the bus steering wheel rotating in a better way.

  • Well the graphics are perfect and well done, but the handling is so hard and it makes the games feel really unnatural, maybe make it so the steering wheel doesn't go back automaticly or have a mouse mode where you accelerate, brake, turn just by using the mouse but make it so you can activate or deactivate it just with a button like 'o' so you can sell tickets. another thing is when you drive fast and the sound loops, that can get real annoying and makes the game feel like they went the easy way out with making the engine sound.

    Please think about what I have said, the game is perfect but you can kick it up a notch.

  • TML-Fanatic there's a fix to this after exploring this. I believe it's keystroke F11, then it's the first setting for "zuruck" whatever (setting dial three)...just move the dial towards the left. it should fix that quick response.

  • What next update should include:
    1: fixed bug where bus speeds up when turning
    2: passengers no-longer block the doors when they exit the bus
    3: passengers now wait at the bus stop
    4: new option where you choose the level of detail in mirrors
    5: new option where you choose if tickets are sold or not
    6: fixed passenger seating positions
    7: new option to select if steering wheel goes back automaticly
    8: New option to select if bus gets busy
    9: fixed bug where you can walk few garage doors
    10: new option where you select if weather changes or not
    11: fixed bug where cars randomly stop on the steep hill coming up to the bridges

    any other sugestions?

  • "any other sugestions?" Yes.
    12. Stop passengers form walking in circles at bus stop it has improved but enough
    13. new option to stop passengers entering through rear door
    14. A MAP EDITOR
    I completeley agree with everything azza 12345 said.

  • I noticed that the crash to desktop occurs when you are near the right and left edges of game map: near Fontaneviertel, Dillwächter Strasse, Else Decho Ring and Otto engert Ring.
    Someone from TML which can confirm that bug?Otherwise, I dont think there is so much bugs as mentioned above, it is how you set up the "steering wheel handling" via the F11 menu...
    And yes, that settings also affectsa keyboard steering via the arrow-keys!

  • maybe some other busses aswell, like for instance a copy of the volvo 8700le.
    just some intercity coaches, maybe some other citys aswell, link them all into one map.
    and some better throttle and brake responses.
    the brake takes a couple of seconds to let go causing the bus to accelerate up to 8 kmh after 2 or 3 seconds

  • The corrections are already in progress, so I will close the blog now.
    Thank you for your suggestions and comments.