Update 9 BETA - Now Available

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  • BETA – Update 9 for Tourist Bus Simulator has arrived!

    We have built in two brand new modes: the schedule service mode for players who want to concentrate on driving and a mode for color-blind people. We optimized the performance and the streaming and fixed many bugs. You can find the full changelog down below:


    ATTENTION: This is a BETA update. Technical problems, instability of the game as well as bugs during gameplay can be possible.

    How to install the beta version of the update?

    Quite easily:

    1. In your Library, you click with the right mouse button on the entry of the "Tourist Bus Simulator"
    2. In the drop-menu, you click on the entry "Properties"
    3. In the window "Tourist Bus Simulator - Properties" you select the tab "BETAS"
    4. In the field "Select the beta you would like to opt into:" select the entry "beta-"
    5. Now you can close the window and the beta version of the update should download right away
    6. After downloading the update you can start the Tourist BusSimulator via the "PLAY" button
    7. In the main menu should now be the corresponding version number of the beta version of the update and you can test the update


    Changelog 1.9.36822

    • New mode: Schedule Service
    • New mode for color blind people
    • Optimizing performance and streaming
    • Fixed some crashes
    • Lighting conditions have been optimized
    • The quality of the mirrors has been optimized for lower settings
    • Distance field bug fixed
    • Fixed bug in vehicle selection
    • Fixed disappearing passenger bug
    • Fixed many minor bugs
    • Preparations for a new DLC


    Changelog 1.9.37211

    • Hubcaps of MAN 2nd Gen are editable now in repaint shop
    • Lighting of construction site lamps has been adapted
    • Focal distance in photo mode has been adjusted
    • Certain bugs in repaint feature fixed
    • Camera pans when changing cameras for all vehicles added
    • Added the ability to “End Game” to main game modes
    • Repaints and colors of the vehicles in the preview of Schedule Service are now displayed correctly
    • Missing passengers at a stop in Schedule Service corrected
    • Corrected wrong alignment of stops on the world map
    • Missing texts and words of localization added
    • Fixed bug in Spanish license plates
    • More bug fixes

    VDL Futura FHD2

    • Mirrors fixed
    • New configuration options: mirror cameras and monitors, as well as rims and hubcaps


    Changelog 1.9.37486

    • Incorrect fresnels of different objects corrected
    • Tutorial routes shortened
    • Bus stop positions at Playa de Muellito updated
    • Some speed limits have been updated
    • Other graphic bugs fixed

    VDL Futura FHD2

    • Better view to the dashboard
  • Issues that are already known to us and that will be fixed as quickly as possible:

    • at the moment only the HUD mirrors work with the VDL
    • the MAN 3rd Gen currently has no logos and labels
    • the MAN Lion's Coach 2nd Gen the hubcaps, mirrors and passenger compartment windows are currently not working with the custom colour repaints, and the lights on the outside of this vehicle are not visible, although they are working

    If that's too much for you, please don't switch to BETA. Otherwise we look forward to your feedback!

  • :huh: Great news. Excellent! :thumbup:I will be happy to continue testing and will send my comments to this topic to improve the update. I wonder what kind of regime it is :/:saint:

    I've always wanted something interesting with the schedule and this is amazing news to me :thumbsup::)

    Thanks for your work at TML-Studios. Wait for feedback and many interesting videos from me in the near future. Thank you! <3:)

  • EDIT: The new localizations will only be available in the fully released update, so I took those bullet points out for now. Sorry for the confusion!

  • Hi,

    Good TML job, again.

    For my part, I have already made my corrections to the words that were meaningless. And I have already passed to Mk0 the words that are in English and are not available to translate.

    Take care and e safe!

    Marcos Drummond

  • On my system, the game performance has improved significantly, which is good. But there is one thing that burns my heart and eyes, and that is lighting. The road merges with the terrain and the sky, everything is white. I look at it and cry ...

    Gods! When will the blue sky return to us?

  • I agree with Maximus. If we set post-processing to medium values (as we did before), then the light is very white

    But at the same time, post-processing at maximum values now works very well and there is no such brightness as it was before

    Now everything is reversed ^^

    I really liked the two modes. The first remained as it is. And in the second, a schedule with new stops appeared. It's great that the save works in two modes independently. It is very cool! :thumbup:The only thing is, I still do not understand where the accumulated points go from scheduled trips? There is also no economic system ...

    Bad news. Passengers at the end of the trip are still escaping from the 3rd generation MAN bus. Also caused the inconvenience of exiting the game. I have to go to the menu twice. Is it possible to make the "exit the game" button in each mode separately?

    Thank :)

  • Hi guys,

    thanks for your feedback!

    As for the lighting, it unfortunately is what it is right now. We are in contact with Epic Games, because at the moment we can't do much more about the brightness, it came with Unreals switch to version 25. Let's see what will come out of it, as usual, we can't promise anything.

    DenisVarlamov88 those issues will be fowarded. When you use schedule service mode, there is no economy system so therefore no points to accumulate. It's just for driving :)

  • Well ... Apparently, nothing can be done about it yet. I will rejoice at the lighting that is at this point in time. Hopefully Epic Games won't have the same issues with the fifth update in 2021 :/

    there is no economy system so therefore no points to accumulate

    I don't quite understand :/ That is, the accumulated points will not be reflected in this mode in any way? Did I understand correctly?

    Then the interest in driving interesting routes disappears, while earning nothing.

    As for the economy, I understand that it is not needed there. But I would like to propose to make a function so that the accumulated points after each trip are summed up and displayed as XP in the driver's profile in this mode, as it was done in Fernbus Simulator. Then it would be much more interesting (without the economy)

    Ideally it would be great to make a list of the "top players" among the accumulated points (online). But I already ask too much ^^

    I like this driving mode with beautiful stops, their variety, but this mode will quickly get bored if it consists in the fact that you need to drive from start to finish without earning anything in the end.

    For some reason I thought that the schedule mode would be available in the first economic mode :/ It would be logical :)

    Ok, I agree that the second mode is more meant as a free mode, but is it possible to add a mode with a schedule and new stops to the first mode as another type of passenger transportation? Is this possible?

    Those people who play in economy mode will enjoy this feature and will be able to spend even more time in TBS, earning points and money for trips along designated routes that they themselves create.

    After all, many wanted this.

    On this forum, people have already asked about this. Many participants want to be able to create their own routes in addition to those that already exist in the economic system. Maybe I'm wrong, but that would be much more interesting ;)

  • Hi

    Im a new french player of TBS since 2 months i love it but i see many bugs of bus interior lighting apparently not described in this forum.

    So I noticed that regardless of the bus, there is a bug when i open front door before starting or on a bus stop , the driver lighting lights up randomly, its a little annoying in the night.

    Then In the Scania Touring, there isn't night light for the passenger, always on high light...

    I am amazed that this was not planned in the DLC.

    In the Man intercity, a bug for the passenger light, when i light up the passenger the first time and when i start driving, the lighting goes out completely and when i press the F9 on driving for open door, the light comes on again at low level. And there is an end without lighting to the back door.

    To finish, i noticed that only the Man 3rd gen has a realistic light on people for the reading light but not the other bus.

    An update is known and planned for corrected this ?


  • DenisVarlamov88 it would surely be possible somehow, but we definitely do not have the time right now. The game already has two modes now and in one of them every player can use an expanded economy mode, so there is actually no need to implement a slightly less extensive one. Sorry if the new mode is a bit disappointing to you, it is meant for players who just really want to drive.

    Bad news. Passengers at the end of the trip are still escaping from the 3rd generation MAN bus.

    could you elaborate here a little bit please? Do you mean they spawn again suddenly outside the bus?

    Beanou thanks for your reports. They'll be fowarded, but I can't tell if and when they will fixed.

    Best regards

  • No big deal, Quarney. This regime did not disappoint me. Here you can also travel around the already familiar island. Moreover, this mode is very suitable for variety. Brings new things to the simulator we love so much.

    Moreover, in this update, the first economic regime remained the same. Nothing was removed from it. Only in addition to everything was added one more mode. So I am not disappointed with this. Thanks for your efforts :thumbsup: :)

  • could you elaborate here a little bit please?

    Quarney I made a new video for you showing passengers running away from me :D

    Also I want to share my comments and notes that I noticed in the new update.

    Since you will read this message on Monday, if I notice anything else, I will definitely write about it. In the meantime, I wrote what I managed to find.

    :fbs-sign-250: № 1

    A car near a bus stop hovers in the air

    :fbs-sign-250: № 2

    When you select the system time (10/30/2020 - 18:37), the simulator displays a different time (10:00)

    :fbs-sign-250: № 3

    I thought for a long time that it was ...:/ ^^ but oh well. Let it stay like this^^

    :fbs-sign-250: № 4

    The time that is given to drive from one stop to the next is sorely lacking. In my opinion, it is better to add a few minutes to each stop. I rode the bus very quickly and barely managed to meet the schedule. This can be seen in my last video in another thread (The race against time begins).

    :fbs-sign-250: № 5

    At the end of the first trip, we are offered to wait 10 minutes and go along the route in the opposite direction. But the time of the route in the opposite direction is indicated incorrectly!!!

    To be continued... :)

  • I have new comments. But since in one message you can attach no more than 10 images, I decided to write today ;)

    :fbs-sign-250: № 6

    The inscription (nameplate) on the MAN Lion's Coach L 2017 bus is duplicated

    :fbs-sign-250: № 7

    A bush with a plant grows at the bus stop in front of the hotel in Costa Calma

    :fbs-sign-250: № 8

    The tree in the sky (near the city of Ajuy) is still in place

    :fbs-sign-250: № 9

    Sometimes this happens to passengers 8| :D

    But this is not related to the current update :thumbsup:

    :fbs-stop-sign: The night is incredibly beautiful and realistic. The night lights and the moon look very cool. And about the light from the headlights of traffic cars, I'm generally delighted 8| :love::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    The moon looks awesome. I have never seen such a moon8| :love: Fantastic realistic :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    I liked the more glamorous paint on the traffic cars, how they are reflected (as in reality), new objects in some parts of the island, as well as green spaces throughout the island (trees, grass, plants). Now the island is not so deserted :love: :thumbup:

  • Hi

    I! report two other bug that is yet in the stable version (and always in this beta)

    Man 2017 3rd Gen, problem with the kilometers...for this bus maintenance, for Tire, oil change and others, i have negative value -109000/5000km for exemple...

    For the Man intercity, that not have Toilet, i have to fix it because it's broken not logic for this bus.

  • Hi Beanou :)

    I have no problem with this bus. The "MAN Lion's Coach L 2017" shows the correct mileage (8 956 km)

    However, some of the buses I used to ride still show the wrong mileage (exactly what you wrote about)

    "MAN Lion's Coach" (-474, 552 km). Although I actually drove 6, 286 kilometers

    But on the other hand, the "MAN Lion's Coach C" bus shows the correct mileage. On this bus I traveled 12,960 kilometers

    I confirm that this problem still remains, but I am sure that when there is time this problem will be fixed. In general, it's okay, just ignore it ;) :thumbsup:

  • Hi

    Ok this problem is random depending on the bus. For me it's the Man 2017...

    However , with this Man Coach 2017 (not tested with other bus) , the low beam is now very low, not possible to drive correctly without putting high beam...

    And here in the stop bus at Hotel of casillas del angel, no llighting.... not easy to check passengers.

  • Why don't you use the post-processing mode at maximum values? Therefore, it is dark. You need to set your post-processing to maximum. Then it will be very realistic and beautiful at night, as well as light. In extreme cases, you can additionally turn on the high beam ;)

    Then the night will look like this

    Perhaps your brightness values are incorrect. Try to set it like this: