Update 9 BETA - Now Available

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  • All my parameters are at the maximum value and the other parameter of Gamma/Contrast etc are the same.....

    Before this Beta, the beam lighting is correct.

    It's perhaps a bug with my Graphic card GTX1060.....

  • Hi there,

    thanks a lot for your bug reports!

    Denis_W those passengers are behaving really really weird, on of our devs will take a look at it. The graphic bugs will be taken care of by our 3D artists.

    Beanou thanks for your reports as well, they'll be fowarded. You can also contact our support, maybe they one or two ideas to optimize your settings. https://www.tml-studios.de/forum/support/

    Best regards

  • A new BETA is out! There are now options for editing the MAN Lion's Coach 2nd Gen and VDL Futura FHD2. Furthermore, the option of camera pans when changing cameras has been added, as well as an exit button in the main game modes (thanks to Denis_W for the suggestion). You can find the complete changelog in the main article!

  • Hi Quarney,

    The numberplate bug that has been listed as fixed in the changelog is not fixed, it's still there.

    i tried buying a new bus and changing the numberplate, and the game still counts the space as a character, and only allows 7 digits.

    Kind Regards.

  • TML-Studios, does your eye twitch at the sight of my bus yet? ^^

    Since I have not yet fully tested the entire map of this update, for now I want to share only the first impressions during the time that I was able to test.

    I really enjoyed using the camera change mode. For those who did not understand what I mean, I will demonstrate in the video:

    It makes it real and looks really cool!:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    However, such a camera has a small drawback. Switching all cameras with the "0" key is not so fast. It is better not to switch cameras when the bus is moving in this way.

    Or it would be great to put this camera on a separate key on the keyboard ;)

    This camera is very popular, but unfortunately there is no separate key for it 8o

    It's nice that the dream of our forum member Cuzzy about the license plate is already starting to come true. And in the new update, the license plate will be even better. It's great! :thumbup:

    There are no comments on the bus. All nameplates are in place.

    Passengers behave well so far, no one escapes from the bus at the end of the trip.

    I have managed to drive about 7 routes so far, so I can write a little :)

    I can't mention the comments either.

    The growing artisanal tree is still at the bus stop in Costa Calma

    The shadow on some bridges still misbehaves. This was in the last version of the update. I completely forgot to mention this ?(

    If you go from the city of Puerto del Rosario towards the city of Corralejo, then on almost all bridges such defects appear with a shadow.

    But in general, this is not a critical remark.

    What upset me the most was the range (range of sight of objects). In my opinion, in this version of the update, the visibility range of objects has become even less. Now some objects appear and transform 50 meters from the bus. Some, not all. My graphics setting is set to "Epic", but it doesn't look very nice :/

    Especially when parked cars begin to change shape as the distance approaches. First, a parked car / stone / plant / or some other object has one shape (not a beautiful figure), and then it starts to change. It used to be far away and not as noticeable as it is now. If you drive very close, then the windows of parked cars behave well.

    I understand that this is all done for better performance, but for Epic settings such graphics do not look very good. This is especially true of road markings at intersections in all cities, which appear 5 meters from the bus :rolleyes: And this situation has been observed for a very long time. Maybe you can think of something for powerful computers? For example, add another slider to the draw distance graphics setting? This is just advice.

    When you spend a lot of time in the simulator, this is the first thing that catches your eye.

    I understand that everything cannot be fixed right away, so let it be as a wish for the future.

    Over the weekend I will try to test the entire map and provide a complete report. Best wishes, Denis :) :thumbsup:

  • Hi

    I noticed new many bug...

    Despite there is a patch in this new update for the VDL mirrors, you see below that all not corrected, there is an inversion between low and high mirror...

    Then there is a big problem with the recurrent mission Esquinzo -Corralejo, I did two times and lost more than 5 hours for nothing, there is no finish in the final stop.

    To exit this mission, only moving the calendar hour for passed this and furthermore failed mission....

    Finally I saw a minor problem in wash for the Setra S517, the gantry blocked and does not return in the initial position.

  • Hi,

    Beanou - the team is aware of the issue with the VDL mirrors, it will be fixed in a upcoming patch, as for your issue with the route failing, could you please contact our support team, and attach the photo you used in the message, and could you also please attach a copy of your savegame for our support team to look at, you can find this at C:\\users\<your username>\AppData\Local\TouristBusSimulator\Saved\SaveGames\<your savegame> as for the issue with the gantry not moving back to the original position, can you explain a bit more please, does this issue prevent you from leaving the bus wash?, can it be reproduced?, does this happen at all coach washes?

    Denis_W - The bush in the bus stop bay in Costa Calma should be removed in a upcoming patch, as for the broken shadows on bridges, we're gradually getting there, patch by patch more are being corrected, so we're on a good path :) as for the draw distances, like you said there needs to be a balance to maintain peformance, i'm sure that over time the distances can be increased as hardware improves, compared to 2018 when TBS released, hardware has improved alot, but it takes time to improve things, and with "the bus" being prepped by the team for EA, we're very busy right now and don't have that much spare time available, but after "the bus" enters EA, i'm sure that more areas can be looked into and improved.

    Kind Regards.

  • Hi

    Big problem, an employee get sick, i accept payment of insurance for missions affected to him and what happens.... my budget past to 1000000 at -2753000000....

    My last saved is two days old ;(


    Fot the Gantry, it's the first time let it happen but it's the first time i wash the Setra 517.

    That never happened with the other coach. I would test again with this coach if it happens again.

  • Beanou, I have no such problem with double ordering. I tested the update for 3 days and nothing like that happened. Perhaps this is some kind of glitch. I advise you to save the game periodically.

    I can lend you a few million of my 11 million to pay off your debt ^^

    Cuzzy thanks for the answer :thumbup:

    Yes, I understand perfectly well that due to the peculiarities of the "Unreal Engine" it is not possible to solve most of the problems related to graphics. In particular, this is a tree soaring in the sky over the city of Ajuy, shadows on bridges, poor quality shadows on the bus panel (when the bus drives into the shadow), lighting and distance. Therefore, lately, I try to pay less attention to them when a new update is released.

    By good tradition, over the weekend I tested the entire map of the new update and was satisfied :) :thumbsup:

    With each update, the graphics of the Tourist Bus Simulator are getting very good, reminiscent of the same footage from "The Bus" that we saw in August (reflections, shadows) :love:

    :fbs-sign-250: In the new version of the update (mode with economic system), I noticed that the information board on the bus does not always show the current route :/

    Instead of a route number (on both Shuttle trips and scheduled routes), "Fuera de Servicio" is displayed. In this case, the route works and passengers enter the cabin.

    Please look.



    Everything is fine in the second new scheduled trip mode. I have no complaints. Time is working right. Good job! :):thumbup:

  • Denis_W

    I noticed the same problem with the "Fuera de Servicio".....

    I haven't played for very long. my budget is limited and it's very frustrating after a long trip that the mission failed because there isn't a trip report in the final stop.

    I must advance the hour to exit the mission

    I have the same problem this day with mission Costa Calma - Gran tarajal ( i open ticket for this)

  • hi,

    I like the new shuttle mode. It's an easy way to play, to test and so on. It's close to the Fernbus Classic gamaeplay.

    Perhaps 2 suggestions :

    - Add a refresh button in repaint choice in order to help people that make repaints with TBS and that don't have FBS.

    - A score history (like XP within FBS).

    A big thank you for all work !

  • There is one more thing that I forgot to write about. This happens extremely rarely, but it does happen (in the latest update)

    Sometimes not all passengers who have passed registration can enter the cabin.

    Such a passenger came across again today. As I did not try to launch him into the salon, he did not. I made a video:

    At the end of the route, all passengers left, but the route was not completed due to the remaining passenger. Perhaps due to this reason, our forum member Beanou also did not complete the route