Update 9 BETA - Now Available

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  • I noticed that at night the raindrops on the windshield look bright white (like snow). This is most likely something to do with the new coverage of this update.

    Even if you turn off all the electricity on the bus, the droplets stand out strongly. This distracts from driving at night when it rains.

    During the day they are transparent, as they should be

    What do you think about this? Maybe this is the way it should be and I'm picking on a lot? Just in case, I decided to write about it :)

  • I encountered this bug earlier today using this beta too. I was able to fix it by saving the game and loading the save I'd just made. I counted the number of passengers on the bus after loading and all were accounted for. I wasn't willing to drive off with someone still trying to board. Plus, I wasn't actually able to drive off either. The pedal was unresponsive despite engine on and wheel connected (confirmed via control settings menu).

  • We just released a new BETA version for you! We have tweaked the tutorial routes, the view of the dashboard has been improved in the VDL and, of course, many bugs have been fixed. You can read the complete changelog in the main article.

  • Well ... After two and a half days of testing this update, I have no comments. Everything is perfect :thumbup:

    The truth sometimes happens like this: ^^

    "I can see everything from above - you just know!" :D

    Such moments even create a positive mood when passengers try to make out the bus by climbing onto the roof of the bus stop. I have seen such a picture in real life, when a mass event is taking place in the central square of the city :)

    With regard to this update, everything was done successfully, I did not find any bugs. All the comments that I mentioned earlier have been corrected. Excellent work of the whole team and testers of TML-Studios :):thumbup: