Fernambus Simulador Stuttering! Stuttering! Stuttering.......

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  • Good Morning! I bought the game recently and found a very cool game with lots of fights is not FLUID! what can be done to improve? There is something? my pc is strong and i play in 4k1 i7 9700k at 5.2hz 16gb 3200hz RTX 2080 2tb SSD windolws 10 pro!! pleasse help!:!::!::!:

  • Luiz Netto

    Changed the title of the thread from “Stuttering! Stuttering! Stuttering.......” to “Fernambus Simulador Stuttering! Stuttering! Stuttering.......”.
  • my problem is not low FPS! I get 100FPS in 4k here with my system! my problem and FLUIDITY! it's not FLUID! in moments I'm with 100FPS and for some STTUTERING it drops quickly to 40fps and back up again! I've done everything here including what you said! what could i do? is there any solution or limitation of this UT4? in 4k?

  • ok thanks... I already did this but there's no way! I always have sttutering! this is very sad for me! because I was really enjoying the simulator! more without fluidity it gets complicated! I will try to turn off VSync to see if it gets better!

  • I gets laggy when you are in more fulled area's like FRA airport and Paris, a lot of enviorment near you at those places, maybe thats the problem

  • Same problem here. Whatever graphic settings I choose, can't get the FPS go above 50. Even tried to use nVidia Profile Inspector to adjust some settings, but no result, at best. Resolution set to 1080p, even worse at 2k.


    i7 4770K 3.5GHz (water cooled)

    12GB RAM at 2400MHz

    RTX 3060 MSI Gaming Trio X (overclocked to max to remain stable: mem: 8500MHz, gpu: 2050MHz, core voltage: no change 0%)

    SSD M2 Samsung 970 EVO Plus

    Anyone having any ideas why the game runs on this rig with such a bad FPS? It should run smoothly even on 4k with max settings on this.