Can't use Frankfurt (Flughafen) Depature

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  • So if I arrive to Frankfurt Arrival as an end station, and change to a line, that starts from Frankfurt depature, the game doesn't show where to stop (only the gps shows where you have to go), and there are no passanger, but if you start the game from Frankfurt Flughafen, 2 parked cars are flip your bus, but after getting in the bus and push the Backspace (reset the bus to the road) the bus will be okay, but the stop won't be showed, and you can't check in passengers

  • Hi there,

    thanks for your report! Seems a lot is going on on this bus station, I'll forward everything to our devs.

    Please note: For your next bug reports, please use an already existing thread like the following, otherwise our forum will get absolutely confusing

    English Fernbus Discussion

    or the respective BETA/ update thread, this is the current one:

    Hotfix 2 - Released

    Thanks a lot and best regards

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