Tourist Bus Simulator Update 9 - Officially Released!

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  • TBS_Update9_1280x720_EN_released.jpg

    A new update has been officially released!

    We've added a new mode, Schedule Service, fixed some crashes and made some parts of various busses editable in the repaint shop. Additionally, we have added a mode for colour blind people and the camera pans now when changing cameras. You can see the complete changelog down below:

    Changelog 1.9.37486

    • New mode: Schedule Service
    • New mode for colour blind people
    • New localizations: Dutch (thanks to and Portuguese (thanks to Marcosdrummond)
    • Optimizing performance and streaming
    • Fixed some crashes
    • Lighting conditions have been optimized
    • The quality of the mirrors has been optimized for lower settings
    • Distance field bug fixed
    • Fixed bug in vehicle selection
    • Fixed disappearing passenger bug
    • Preparations for new DLC
    • Wheels of the MAN Lion’s Coach 2nd Gen are editable now in the repaint shop
    • Lighting of various lamps has been adapted
    • Focal distance in photo mode has been adjusted
    • Certain bugs in repaint feature fixed
    • Camera pans when changing cameras for all vehicles added
    • Corrected wrong alignment of stops on the world map
    • Missing texts and words of localization added
    • Fixed bug in Spanish license plates
    • Incorrect fresnels of different objects corrected
    • Tutorial routes shortened
    • Bus stop positions at Playa de Muellito updated
    • Some speed limits have been updated
    • Other minor bugs fixed

    VDL Futura FHD2

    • Mirrors fixed
    • New configuration options: mirror cameras and monitors, as well as rims and hubcaps
    • Better view to the dashboard
  • yes, finally (!), dutch language, not that i need it that much, i know english very well, but still nice to have. And performance optimization was needed indeed.

  • it's a short trip with the VDL 106 , it start to el Matorral, Castillo then return to El matorral

    At the first stop, there isn't any passenger what i found not normal..but i continue this service to final.

    I'm practically certain that there isn't any passenger in the coach when i go to the office and when i deselected this coach, this happened....

    This update not resolved the bug of no reason for a failed mission or not the name of the employee not satisfied with his salary


  • or not the name of the employee not satisfied with his salary

    I pay all my employees salaries ranging from 2,500 to 5,000 (depending on the rank).

    Employees have not bothered me about salary increases for a long time. I advise you to just raise their salary ;)

    this happened....

    yes, an unusual story. I am used to traveling on the same bus. Perhaps that is why I did not meet this error:/ You are great for noticing :thumbup:

    P.S. Passengers used to run away from my bus after a trip, but yours, on the contrary, after a trip, passengers do not want to leave the bus and remain like ghosts ^^

  • i don't know if this issue is for everyone, but i just saw Quarney answering a guy about left and right button, and that got my thinking about my issue, its just a very small issue non the less. I have a g27 and you that thing (don't know how to call it) where you have you're gear stick but also a circular buttons lay out, where you have the left, upper, lower and right buttons to configure. For some reason, i can't assign the look left and right to that circular button lay out, i have to use the other buttons to look left and right, if i'm not mistaken this was the exact same issue i had encountered in fernbus. Like i said, its a very small nitpick, but hopes it gets fixed because i like that all of my games use the same button lay out, makes it more easy for me :) (sorry for tagging you quarney :S)

  • So it has been a long time since the game has been update and i know you are focusing on the bus (which is just great) but i tought i would give you a couple of bugs in tourist bus, since i play that game waay more than fernbus. When you go from Moro Jable to Cofete, there is a bumpy road, a sort of "off road" section, that needs to be checked again as there are multiple parts where my bus can't go or my force feedback is going crazy (because i get stuck). So i need to turn off my force feedback and then drive back and forth like crazy just to pass one part of that section. I'm driving the little man bus, that not so long ago released. The man Lion's intercity, bus still i hit multiple parts of the road underneath my bus and get stuck. But my biggest irritation, when hitting F11 key the screen goes from full screen to windowed mode, then when you hit it again it becomes normall but even do the setting say: 1440p its not, you have to go to graphics settings and just apply again and it does something and becomes normal. I hope you can fix this in the future. I'm in the beta section. Sorry for the bad english, i hope you understand.

  • @hadi, could you provide a screenshot from the road section please?

    Now, to be able to know where exactly the issue i got stuck is, i need to plug my wheel in start the game up, drive to that place, its to much for me. So instead, i started the game up and took a screenshot and highlighted the part of the map where the issue is. I hope this helps. Its a brown sort of sand road that you will get after exiting the highway.


  • Alright thanks, hope it will do :)

    Also, sorry for it saying it so late, but i forgot to mention that you can change gears (meaning: D, N, R) without applying the brake. I don't know if this is a issue with the man lion's intercity or the game. :)