Tourist Bus Simulator Update 9 - Officially Released!

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  • A new update has been officially released!

    We've added a new mode, Schedule Service, fixed some crashes and made some parts of various busses editable in the repaint shop. Additionally, we have added a mode for colour blind people and the camera pans now when changing cameras. You can see the complete changelog down below:

    Changelog 1.9.37486

    • New mode: Schedule Service
    • New mode for colour blind people
    • New localizations: Dutch (thanks to and Portuguese (thanks to Marcosdrummond)
    • Optimizing performance and streaming
    • Fixed some crashes
    • Lighting conditions have been optimized
    • The quality of the mirrors has been optimized for lower settings
    • Distance field bug fixed
    • Fixed bug in vehicle selection
    • Fixed disappearing passenger bug
    • Preparations for new DLC
    • Wheels of the MAN Lion’s Coach 2nd Gen are editable now in the repaint shop
    • Lighting of various lamps has been adapted
    • Focal distance in photo mode has been adjusted
    • Certain bugs in repaint feature fixed
    • Camera pans when changing cameras for all vehicles added
    • Corrected wrong alignment of stops on the world map
    • Missing texts and words of localization added
    • Fixed bug in Spanish license plates
    • Incorrect fresnels of different objects corrected
    • Tutorial routes shortened
    • Bus stop positions at Playa de Muellito updated
    • Some speed limits have been updated
    • Other minor bugs fixed

    VDL Futura FHD2

    • Mirrors fixed
    • New configuration options: mirror cameras and monitors, as well as rims and hubcaps
    • Better view to the dashboard
  • yes, finally (!), dutch language, not that i need it that much, i know english very well, but still nice to have. And performance optimization was needed indeed.

  • Yes there is a bug after a final trip.

    I have the final report and when i go to the office for changing the bus, the passenger appeared.

    But now when i start my save, the passenger is not here....

  • it's a short trip with the VDL 106 , it start to el Matorral, Castillo then return to El matorral

    At the first stop, there isn't any passenger what i found not normal..but i continue this service to final.

    I'm practically certain that there isn't any passenger in the coach when i go to the office and when i deselected this coach, this happened....

    This update not resolved the bug of no reason for a failed mission or not the name of the employee not satisfied with his salary

  • or not the name of the employee not satisfied with his salary

    I pay all my employees salaries ranging from 2,500 to 5,000 (depending on the rank).

    Employees have not bothered me about salary increases for a long time. I advise you to just raise their salary ;)

    this happened....

    yes, an unusual story. I am used to traveling on the same bus. Perhaps that is why I did not meet this error:/ You are great for noticing :thumbup:

    P.S. Passengers used to run away from my bus after a trip, but yours, on the contrary, after a trip, passengers do not want to leave the bus and remain like ghosts ^^

  • i don't know if this issue is for everyone, but i just saw Quarney answering a guy about left and right button, and that got my thinking about my issue, its just a very small issue non the less. I have a g27 and you that thing (don't know how to call it) where you have you're gear stick but also a circular buttons lay out, where you have the left, upper, lower and right buttons to configure. For some reason, i can't assign the look left and right to that circular button lay out, i have to use the other buttons to look left and right, if i'm not mistaken this was the exact same issue i had encountered in fernbus. Like i said, its a very small nitpick, but hopes it gets fixed because i like that all of my games use the same button lay out, makes it more easy for me :) (sorry for tagging you quarney :S)