Urban Transport Simulator 2021

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  • Hello everyone, dear friends! :)

    I thought for a long time before creating this theme. And in no way want it to be like an advertisement for «Urban Transport Simulator». I am not communicating with any of the developers and I just want to share with you information that you may have missed ;)

    I believe that a person cannot be made to love a game if he does not like it.

    In general, let's get closer to the main point :S

    In 2021 (estimated release date), a new simulator from a team from the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) will be released into early access.

    A little story :)

    In 2019, the first information appeared about the creation of the «Trolleybus Simulator», which was developed by one person.

    Here is this video on his channel:

    Then, after some time, the developer found like-minded people and created a team, and with it a new product, which grew from a trolleybus simulator into one large «Urban Transport Simulator», where the player can control:

    by bus Liaz-677 / Mercedes O 405

    trolleybus ZiU

    or by Tatra T3 tram

    Here's some information from the Patreon website:


    Urban Transport Simulator will let you experience the life of a driver - transport passengers and follow the schedule to deliver a top-level service to the citizens! Explore various aspects of each of the highly detailed trolleybuses, trams and buses and become a professional! Run your own transport depot by earning money with your exsisting vehicles and evolve not only as a driver but as a manager too!

    Urban Transport Simulator started out as a trolleybus simulator, and therefore trolleybuses will be given special attention here. However, our main goal is to make a simulator of all major types of urban transport (except for various variations of "large" rail transport, at least for now 😄), so buses and trams will also be worked out as much as possible.

    According to the developers, UTS should go into early access, having access to three types of transport at once (trolleybus, bus and tram).

    UTS is being developed on the Unity game engine.

    Not so long ago there was a small video on Halloween with the Liaz-677 bus

    Work on the bus (my favorite) Mercedes O 405 also continues.

    Judging by the photo, the driver left the bus near the entrance and the bus was dismantled for parts :huh::whistling:

    The other day there was information that the simulator will also include a Skoda trolleybus

    It is not yet known what graphics will be in the simulator and what will be done in general. It is difficult to judge from photographs. Information on Steam is also missing.

    At this point in time, there has not yet been a single gameplay video. But, we are looking forward to new information and release. I am sure that the development team will succeed.

    It's great that the guys decided to take the trolleybus as a basis, because this is a very, very rare genre. Almost the same as the tram simulator.

    For me, this simulator is important primarily because I grew up on these trolleybuses / buses in my city. As a child, I always ran to the trolleybus / bus driver and watched him drive his entire route. This is how my love for trolleybuses and buses appeared :saint:

    What do you think about this?

  • N-n-n-n-ice!!! The photos look very atmospheric. It is true that it resembles more graphically OMSI than TML productions, but it may have "that something" in it that gives you the deepest immersion. I remembered Trams and trolleybuses from Bus & Cable Car.... <3<3<3