Charity Event Childrens Hospice Berliner Herz

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  • A very special online event will take place on the weekend:

    MEDIC - The Gamer‘s Health Kit

    A donation stream in favour of the Kinderhospiz Berliner Herz, organized by Invite Gaming, Gaming AID e.V. and Games & XR. All proceeds go to the Berlin children's hospice.

    You can see the timetable and all information about the event on the website shortly, TML Studios‘ slot is on Sunday afternoon. The stream takes place on Twitch.

    We have prepared a little interview for you on the topic of Fernbus Simulator, new and upcoming DLCs and of course The Bus :) We'll tell you a bit what to expect and how computer game development actually works.

    Tune in, we look forward to seeing you! And thank you very much to the organizers who are starting this call for donations!

    P.S.: The stream will be in German, but in the course of the next week we will make the clips available with subtitles on our YouTube channel.

  • Of course I will be attending the online broadcast on Sunday afternoon. This is a very good and kind event aimed at helping children who need it <3

    I am proud that you, TML-Studios, take part in such events :thumbup:

    I will not hide the fact that I also do charity work in my profession and I know that by doing good deeds we make those who need them happy. And from this happiness it becomes pleasant to us :saint:<3

    Well done, TML-Studios! I shake your hand :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    • Official Post

    A excellent stream for a excellent cause!!, especially in the current climate, caring for those who need it most is even more important, it's wonderful that we can be apart of something special, and can say "we played our part" :love:<3

    Best Regards.