I tried to start a casual conversation

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  • Cuzzy, I can not understand why you closed my "Totally icy" post? Perhaps we have a misunderstanding? I was not reporting anything about the game. I tried to start a casual funny conversation, by telling how the simulator surprised me because the road really was icy and slippery, and not just looking like that. It was meant to be fun, not a report of any game properties of version 1.27.:huh:

  • Hi,

    John Reasonmill - I just read your original post in that thread again to refresh my memory, it's not very clear that you was trying to start a casual conversation :), plus we have endless amount of threads opened for 1 or 2 replies then never used again, which clogs the forums, I understand what you're saying that it's a casual conversation, but that doesn't mean each one needs a thread of it's own, and there doesn't have to be a problem to post in the latest update thread, sometimes people have queries or funnies etc..., it's always best to post them in there or if you don't feel that is the appropriate thread, then the general discussions about Fernbus is another place that things can been posted, if we just let people open threads at will for every little conversation, we'd never find anything, so it's not personal :) we just like "keeping the house clean" around here

    Best Regards.

  • Quarney

    Closed the thread.