Early Access for The Bus: Your questions, feedback and reports

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  • I was doing the txl line and when I made the return route, no passenger appeared at the stops, I did it again and the same thing happened. Does anyone else happen to him?

    have you reported it via the F1 key?

  • Hi guys and girls :)

    Today I did some more performance tests and I managed to get good results! :P:thumbup:

    All along the route, my fps was about 23-30 fps on a GTX 1050 TI video card :)

    Maybe someone will need my tests 8o

    You need to remove AI traffic to 30

    Reduce gamma to 1.6 to reduce bright skies :saint:

    Set the schedule as on the screen

  • Yes, but I don't know how to receive an answer.

    you will never. If you saw a number at the end, and you hit ok, that's it. The devs will do the rest ;)

  • So far can I just say - I left it paused (new born to attend to! ?) came back and it was as if it was a fresh run. Also put the PC to sleep, which can cause memory to bottleneck; from experience - and its fine. If you have an SSD or M.2 drive you will get better loading times; Hauptbahnhof is the busiest part of the map, but who else has noticed. Pankow, Charlottenburg and one other district in Berlin ;-)

    I remember when OMSI first launched that thrill was there and it still is but this, for the first time we can drive a bus, relatively accurate (with a wheel) through Berlin with a much better game engine. Considering how iconic the landmarks are. Has the team thought of included the M48, I couldn’t remember the other route from Alexanderplatz but that is a Double Deck route during the day and a bendy at night. Or from the Zoo once the 100/200 is set up. The 109, with Cicerostraße Depot which is near U Adenauerplatz.

    Also performance wise is better than Fernbus, Berlin has more landmarks than Paris but the FPS is severely low but on this 1:1 scale map the performance is better. If you can go back and improve the coach sounds / physics for Fernbus you’ll have two great driving games

    What the time you have there dread? 12 o Clock Natty. :thumbup:

  • hi! The one thing that I would like to see... I noticed this in Tourist Bus as well. Because there is a scheduling system and I live in the US, it is more comfortable for me to use the American time and I would love for km to also translate to miles. The time itself, please be sure to add in AM and PM. It is necessary to know this when using American time. Without it, schedules can be overbooked because you won't be sure if it is during AM or PM and there are no warnings when there is something being overbooked. Please add AM/PM to American/US times as soon as possible. Thanks!

  • I think, if you deactivate the motion blur you will be able to increase more.

    This effect is kinda fps hungry.

    Here I keep deactivated because this effect gives me motion sickness

  • Hello, for playing this new game it is really a success for TML Studios. The city of Berlin is beautiful, the bus and the city are beautifully modeled. However, I can't wait for the release of Phase 2 with the Man Lion's City DD bus and line 200.corrections and optimization will have to be made, it would be necessary to review the sounds of Scania as well as the braking and accelerator at the level of the bus. The weather vane should be reworked on Scania and other buses. I hope that will be done in the new phases of the game. The game is really beautiful.<3:thumbup:<3

  • Hello all!

    Some thoughts about the game/sim.

    I bought the game on Early Access status because it looks very promising. I was (and am, but I have it abandoned from some time now) a user of OMSI and OMSI 2, I don´t know if you know or played that title, but it is the best bus simulator in existence.

    However, OMSI is obsolete, and OMSI 2 is outdated, and has some issues, on perfomance and on graphics.

    I think that The Bus should replace OMSI as the new bus simulator, and that is why I joined the early access, to be able to contribute to make that possible.

    The sim looks very promising at its current Alpha status, but I think that on phase 2, it should be very similar in features to OMSI. I think we are on track to achieve that, and that it should be achievable.

    Following up is some feedback I would like to provide.

    The first time I tested the sim, I sent a feedback report via F1 about my T300 RS not being recognized. You can cancel that "bug", because it was on my side. I connected the wheel incorrectly to my PC. After I realized that, I was able to enjoy my T300 RS with T-LCM pedals and G27 shifter on The Bus.

    As many reported, everything is too bright.

    Yesterday I tested Track-IR, wich worked good. But there I found an issue. I can move my head around, but I cannot click on controls. I have to use keys 6, 7, 8, 9, 2, to show the different "panels" of the bus. On the AC panel, if I click the knobs, I can´t change the positions of the rotary switches.

    Related to that, when I was moving my head around with Track-IR, when i wanted to show the cursor, with right click, to click on some control my head centered, and I couldn´t click on the desired control. I was forced to use the keys to show the desired panel.

    Maybe this is bullshit, sorry for the word, but yesterday I encountered rain during my trip, and I thought it would be nice if pedestrians were using umbrellas under this circunstance. This could also affect boarding/deboarding time as passengers have to open/close their umbrellas. I think it would be a nice detail.

    Now some feedback related with my earlier experience with OMSI.

    When you select time and date for the start of a trip, there is a feature that allows you to sync with current date, but not time. Can we also sync with current time and make it that when we spawn on the world, it is actually the current time? When I select the start time, I appear on the world some minutes on the future...

    On OMSI you had the possibility to load real weather based on a METAR. Could this be implemented before Phase 2?

    On OMSI you had the option to load an online real radio station via a multimedia URL. Could this be implemented before Phase 2? Maybe an integration with Spotify ot others, also?

    On the bus, I can´t find a gauge for Outside/Inside air temperature. This is important to set the A/C properly. On OMSI passengers complained if the "cabin" was too hot, too cold, or too dark.

    On the bus, I can´t see an indicator that shows if I am ahead of schedule or behind schedule.

    Well, those are my thoughts, majority based on my earlier experience with OMSI.

    Best regards, and keep up the good work. :thumbsup:

  • Hi I have an issue with the game.So I tried last night to create a route,it didn't work so I deleted it now my TXL route is glitched and the destiantion display shows the other route (I tried to do a route from to Hauptbahnhof and the bus display now displays ''Hauptbahnhof'' as destination) and also my bus won't work.I have the automated GEAR SWITCH and it won't put into D also when I put it manually into Drive the bus maintains a speed of 0,5 KMH.If anyone can help me I would appreciate it very much.

    EDIT:It seems that driving mode was swithced to Realistic,I didn't even switch it, i'm now trying to see if the route problem is still there.

    EDIT 2:Route problem is still here

  • Code
    1. Bonjour, auf der Rückseite des bus fehlt etwas

    My friend, I asked you the previous time you've said something about a bug on the back of the bus to report it via the F1 key, type in the box above what you're issue is so that TML gets the report immediately. ;)