Berlin Bus | "The Bus" Virtual Multiplayer Bus Company

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  • Hey Hey,

    With the launch of the discord for Berlin Bus just 3 days away, from now on, new information about the company will be posted here, alongside discord when it's ready.

    From phase 2 onwards, players will start being signed off to drive vehicles unsupervised, if you're not signed off unfortunately you won't be able to drive a bus alone, this is to just keep away trolls etc... :)

    Also as a little incentive to join the discord as soon as possible, there will be a exclusive tag given out to players who join the discord before Phase 3 of The Bus begins.

    the discord link will be posted here in this post on Friday.

    Look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible aboard on Friday 8)

    All the best!

  • Sorry if I sound too dumb, but how this will work?

    We don't have multiplayer yet

    For now it will be only the discord server that’s available, the actual multiplayer company will be available alongside phase 2 whenever that releases, but things for the company are being prepared so that when phase 2 does arrive, most things are ready to go. ^^