Coach info

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  • Where can I find information about the coaches? What's the difference between the Coach and Coach C? How many seats do they have?

    The Shuttle service is telling me 17 passengers... Could the BB40 do this?

    Di I have to buy 1 of each and count the seats?:/

  • Lions Coach: 2 axle

    Lions Coach C: 3 axle

    Also, please do not open a new thread for such small questions

    What you are saying is: do not open a thread to ask one question.

    You are also saying: do not open a thread ment for gathering more questions in one thread. ( from your reply in my thread )

    Your opinion seems to be: do not ask any questions at all.

    you have misunderstood the meaning of a forum completely, and in the same instance you have made a clear standpoint that new players are not welcome.

    Are you a moderator of the forum so that this is also TML's standpoint ?

  • I think it's because we dont have a thread like in Fern or The Bus, with Questions, Feedback or Reports or Denis created one and I didn't saw.

    But yea, even on the Steam Pages we don't have much detailed information or specifications about the buses... And not even inside the game.

    I personally just use google lol.