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  • This is a mini guide with just a couple of things that can improve your game experience immensely.

    One of the things I personally think ruins the overall game experience are trees popping up out of nowhere from a close distance and the traffic spawning and despawnng in front of your eyes.

    Since Fernbus and Tourist bus both use the Unreal engine this can be used on both games, though you will notice the popping in and out more in Fernbus because of the longer distances.

    Now to tweak the view distances more than the game settings allow by default, navigate to your games directory, usually: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fernbus Simulator\Fernbus\Config", open the file called "DefaultEngine.ini" in a text editor like notepad or notepad++.

    Add these lines at the bottom of the file:




    Save the file and start your game, you will see the difference instantly.

    The number values can be increased and decreased by your liking, but be aware they are multipliers, so setting "r.ViewDistanceScale" to 10 will render objects 10 times farther away than default, so a high number isn't necessarily good or even needed.

    The numbers presented are the ones I use for my Nvidia GTX980 and a 4.5 Ghz cpu, if you have a better setup I am sure you can encrease the numbers, however these are the lower range that will stop the popping in and out of trees and objects/traffic. The settings come at a FPS cost, so you might need to adjust other settings like scaling, mirror quality or shadows to maintain good enough fps.