Which city would you like to build with the Modding Tools?

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  • Hi, I created this topic in German already but I saw we have many non German speaking members here. Therefore I created this topic in English now.

  • Look, I would love to see a lot of cities, but that really depends on the implementation of the map creation tool.

    I think I wrote on another topic here before, but I'm slightly skeptical about this. Mostly because they will use the Unreal Engine to make this tool:

    Take for example the Bus Simulator 18 workshop, they also created a map tool using the Unreal Engine, and well... Since the release of the game the community created only 4 maps, and two of them are mere uncompleted tests.

    The problem with BS18 was: The map tool was so hard to set up that the community simply gave up.

    So I really hope that TML does a different job here, make things more easily and less complex, like was for OMSI for example, yea ya I know, is a completely different engine, but a girl can dream, right?

    I don't want to throw the bucket of cold water, but its what I think, I may change my thinking when they release the Map tool, and I try myself here.

  • @up

    You can have modding tools available and still gain revenue through DLC sales – examples are OMSI 2, ETS2, ATS, etc.

    It's also a feature that is planned in the roadmap so it's not really a question whether or not they will be released.

    It's important to note that all new modding tools are difficult at first, but with further practice they will only become easier – as Gil himself has mentioned.

    I don't think there's much reason to be skeptical right now, I'm sure the team know how high the stakes are :)

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