The Bus - Update 1.2 BETA

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  • Now it is clear. Thanks for the answer! :thumbup:

    I don't use it at all, so I didn't notice.

    The fact is that due to low performance, I have to turn off the monitor, but when the turn signal is turned on, it turns on again and my FPS drops.

    Wish I can turn this off...

    I also really disliked the mouse steering sensitivity setting :huh:

    The bus became difficult to control when using the mouse as a steering wheel.

    Tomorrow I'll try driving with the Logitech Driving Force GT.

  • I think they did that for the future. They plan to add AI trams and cyclists. If there is a cyclist to the right of your bus and you want to turn right, then he is in your blind spot. This application is now mandatory in various European countries. The camera also changes when you open the third door.

    I have been working with the Logitech G29 including shifter for years.

    Works great.

    You will enjoy it a lot. Don't know if you also have ETS2 and ATS.

    Do install the Logitech HUB software.
    There you can make more settings in the field of steering angle and force feedback.

    As for the frame rate drop.

    Do not set the resolution of the mirrors to epic but to high.

    Switch off the VSync in The Bus and switch on the VSynch at the Nvidia-settings (if you have one) there.
    That makes a huge difference.

    <<Google translate>> I hope it works..............

    Я думаю, они сделали это на будущее. Планируется добавить трамваи и велосипедистов с искусственным интеллектом. Если справа от вашего автобуса есть велосипедист, и вы хотите повернуть направо, значит, он находится в вашей слепой зоне. Это приложение теперь является обязательным в различных странах Европы. Камера также меняется, когда вы открываете третью дверь.

    Я работаю с Logitech G29, включая переключатель передач, в течение многих лет.

    Работает отлично.

    Вам это очень понравится. Не знаю, есть ли у вас ETS2 и ATS.

    Установите программное обеспечение Logitech HUB. Здесь вы можете сделать больше настроек в области угла поворота и обратной связи по усилию.

    Насчет падения частоты кадров.

    Не устанавливайте разрешение зеркал на эпическое, а на высокое.

    Выключите VSync на шине и включите VSynch на Nvidia (если он у вас есть). Это огромная разница.


  • Wow, I was pleased to see the translation into my own language :):thumbup:

    Thanks a lot for the expanded answer, lgvdbroek :thumbup:

    As for the monitor, I did not know before that it is also used in reality. Of course, this feature is very important and I think that when I have good performance, I will enjoy this feature.

    The setting of the graphics of the mirrors is set to medium or low values, as well as the shadows.

    Disabling or enabling VSynch in the simulator does not significantly affect performance. I have not changed in the NVidia settings. How do I enable it in Nvidia Panels?

    I was able to add "The Bus" to the list of programs. But where exactly is the VSynch activation?

    What program do you have installed in the second screenshot?

  • Дальше. Там же можно выбрать Vsync на адаптивном. Посмотрите, какой из них дает лучший результат для вас.

    Оба скриншота взяты из программного обеспечения Logitech HUB.

  • To be honest, for me these settings do not give a result, from the word at all, which is strange.

    Here are my tests: :fbs-sign-123:

    1. I configured in the NVidia control panel

    :fbs-sign-250: And got 32 fps (maximum)

    :fbs-sign-123: 2. I returned the default settings

    :fbs-sign-250: and got the same 32 fps

    Yes, it's weird. Moreover, I changed the settings from quality to performance.

    It is works in "Tourist Bus Simulator". I checked it for a long time. But then I put everything back, because the quality deteriorates and the road markings are very blurred.

    But nevertheless, now at maximum settings (Epic), including mirrors and shadows, in the "Tourist Bus Simulator" I get an average of 40-50 fps.

    Despite the fact that many complain about the performance, "TBS" has good performance.

    Perhaps "The Bus" will have good performance over time too. Moreover, this is a new product on the market.

    Thank you very much for your support and help, lgvdbroek :):thumbup:

    Heel erg bedankt voor je steun en hulp, lgvdbroek :):thumbup:

    • Official Post

    Дальше. Там же можно выбрать Vsync на адаптивном. Посмотрите, какой из них дает лучший результат для вас.

    Оба скриншота взяты из программного обеспечения Logitech HUB.


    lgvdbroek - I know it’s nice to communicate in your own language with a fellow countryman, but unfortunately the Language here is English, please ensure that you only use English in the forums :)

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