Update 28 for Fernbus Simulator - RELEASED

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  • Daro27 - it would be helpful if you could circle/annotate what exactly the problem is, it's better for us if we know what's wrong otherwise it's like trying to play spot the difference :D

    Also please provide a screenshot of the nearest city to where the problem is, without any reference as to the nearest city, it's impossible for us to find and fix issues.

    Best Regards.

  • The fog problem in the mirrors which we had solved a few months after the releasing sim seems back after the latest hotfix.

    By the way, there are trees in the middle of road while going out of Brussels, unfortunately i didn't take pic or map but i am sure you will find it easily.

    I hope you will return to Fernbus more soon. I know you didn't abandon it but you work on The Bus 95% and almost maybe 1 % on Fernbus at the moment.

    Is there any clue about new vehicle DLC?


    It was normal when i play today, it was maybe light issue. Anyway, i am happy but i will be happier if we have a better AI :) And some more improvement

  • @Hamshentsi: it could be becasue of the sunlight as well..
    I'm having some serious problems with the "godrays"; they (at times) make it impossible for me to see anything outside the window.
    The only way for me to get rid of them is by turning down "post processing" to "medium".

  • I completely missed out on the hotfix news but I managed to sneak in some time yesterday evening to test it and: it works!!!!

    No more steering misbehaviors!!!!

    It was the best trip ever!

    (Literally: I started playing when the bug was already present)

    Through this post I want to thank the devs for their hard work!

    Even though it's a 1kb hotfix; the smallest things are often the hardest to find and fix!

  • There's a few more vehicle DLCs that are actually ready but just need a dev to put them in the game, you guys will hear more soon :D

    Best Regards.

  • You don't need to spam on all topics. Just write in one. It doesn't look serious when you're trying to solve a problem.

  • I know and it is an unfortunate, really. I hope soon you will spend time for Fernbus more, at least, please let us create our own map mods. That will be enough for long years.

  • Already but I would like that in Fernbus Simulator and Tourist Bus Simulator, I should put an update to increase the frame rate from 60 FPS to more than you know, as they are doing with The Bus.