Update 28 for Fernbus Simulator - RELEASED

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  • FBS_Update28_1280x720.jpg

    Update 28 for the Fernbus Simulator is officially released!

    We have tweaked the bus physics, revised the lighting system, fixed a lot of bugs and of course prepared our DLC Belgium, which will be released very soon!

    You can see the full changelog here:

    Changelog 1.28.41013

    • Revised lighting systems: sunlight, moonlight, street lights, etc.
    • Updated vehicle physics
    • Fixed the visibility of snow and rain on the buses
    • Fixed rain on the windows of the vehicles
    • Icon of the exe was fixed
    • Dynamic weather is now loaded correctly in saved games (only works with new saved games)
    • New option to control mouse sensitivity
    • Corrected errors in the German license plate system, e.g. 5-digit numbers should no longer be possible
    • Revised the probabilities of the nationalities of the license plates depending on the region
    • Parked cars now have license plates again
    • Added additional license plates to AI coaches and trailers
    • Fixed positions of license plates for certain vehicles
    • Updated license plate visibility
    • The blurred texture of the pickup truck was fixed
    • Action cameras can now be deactivated
    • Camera zoom and movement have been revised in both perspectives
    • Incorrectly reported conflicts between key assignments have been resolved
    • The steering wheel now remains in its current position when you get up from the driver's seat or activate the photo mode
    • Corrected traffic lights which did not load correctly
    • Passengers can now use different clothing patterns and colors
    • Fixed NPC's sometimes being assigned wrong clothing textures
    • A bug with the photo mode and the vehicle control has been fixed
    • Walking sounds added
    • Resetting the vehicle revised
    • Coach bus breaks updated
    • Fixed counting the passenger not working properly near doors or hatches of the vehicles
    • Fixed speed limits
    • Fixed AI coach rear wheel positions
    • Fixed bus stop staying invisible if you missed the stop
    • Additional traffic AI fixes
    • Fixed weird radio sound on launch for certain PC configurations
    • Fixed passengers being invisible in mirrors on low-quality settings when loading a savegame
    • Fixed brake light sensitivity of NPC vehicles
    • UI text fixes
    • Fixed resting button function in shuttle mode
    • Some minor to medium bugs have been fixed

    DLC VDL Futura FDD2

    • Revised seating positions for passengers

    DLC Netherlands

    • Corrected the geometry of the tunnel in Rotterdam
    • Fixed random broken license plates in the Netherlands
    • Green road markings on state road are now visible in the vehicle mirrors
    • Fixed materials of city buildings

    DLC Multi Media Package

    • Fixed a bug when playing the moderation
    • Fixed streaming issues and crashes
    • Physics of traffic news assets fixed
    • Fixed visibility of traffic news assets on the world map and navigation screen

    DLC BB40

    • Corrected handbrake bug

    DLC W960

    • Fixed a bug in the handbrake
    • Fixed error in cruise control

    DLC ComClass

    • Fixed ComClass display permanently showing it to be out of fuel



    Changelog HOTFIX 1.28.42101

    • Fixed a crash when resetting the vehicle position
    • Fixed a bug in the vehicle physics which caused some wobbling
    • Fixed disabling the auto-centering of the steering wheel not to be working
    • Fixed navigation showing 0 km/h speed limit
    • Fixed a specific crash
    • Performance optimisations
    • Fixed reversing camera on low-quality settings
    • Various passenger fixes
    • Fixed speed limit detection bug
    • Fixed NPC vehicle lights
    • Fixed specific NPC clothing material
    • Fixed shadow casting of MAN Lion’s Coach C 2nd Gen rear light material
    • Fixed radio becoming audible while changing volume in settings
    • Some vegetation fixes
    • Fixed visibility of building parts
    • Fixed display matrix formatting with 4 characters in the line field
    • Fixed a bug in the photo mode
    • Updated default wiper sound volume
    • Fixed visibility of license plates on parking coach busses

    DLC BB40

    • Fixed gear state visibility in Minimap

    DLC MAN Lion's Coach 3rd Gen

    • Fixed collision with variant 2C

    DLC Luxembourg

    • Added traffic lights to a crossroad with high traffic

    DLC Belgium

    • Fixed Belgium traffic light pole meshes
    • Fixed Belgium traffic light pole collisions
    • Navigation fixes in the city of Ghent
    • Navigation fixes in the city of Antwerpen
    • Fixed visibility of a level
  • Hi Team,

    Kudos to the team for a wonderful DLC and update.

    Please check the attached screenshot, not sure it was done on purpose or a BUG (or a known issue), Setra coach left side rear fog lamp seems to be more brighter than the right side lamp.

    One suggestion from my end would be on High beam light (light intensity is not a problem), but the light throw is a problem, seems there is a less throughput on road (in terms of distance covering).


  • I've just purchased both the Netherlands and Belgium for the ultimate Benelux experience but unfortunately I had to cut my journey short because of a steering issue. :(

    I cannot disable the auto center steering wheel option in this latest update. What I mean is that the option is on, regardless whether I turn it off or on in the game settings. It's an essential feature for me because it really makes it easier to drive with a keyboard imo, so I hope it'll be fixed!

    I have also managed to encounter egudek257 's problem of not being able to walk up the stairs onto the MAN Lion's Coach 3rd Gen (C2). I had to jump my way through to the driver's seat which was very interesting. The C3 and the standard variant don't have this issue.

    Nonetheless, it's nice to see a new update for Fernbus, especially the new lighting and physics! :)

  • Hi TM & Team,

    Kindly look into the attached images for the HIGH beam lights of the coach.

    Its very hard to drive at dark nights (or night journey is very difficult). The light intensity is good (its brighter), but the light throw distance is too low and can't predict or see road properly from a distance especially during speeds more than 70 kmph.

    Please have a look onto the images attached probably might feel the distance covered by the high beam is not normal (not practical).



  • Ajith I have already made this suggestion. But it is really impossible to drive at night, because you can see absolutely nothing.

    it should

    1 / on the mirrors a softer color like this, it was daytime.

    2 / instead of darkening the night, you should put a little shine to see a little better on the road.

    3 / dashboard, a little brighter clear clear in order to see the dashboard better.

    this should be done on the next beta of fernbus.

    if it goes perfectly and we can see better at night.

    the same should be done in the tourist bus

    I wanted to repeat his 3 points there, which is very important.

    Thank you

  • Night is night and dark when you are out of the city lights, if there is no full moon shining with open sky, it really makes a dark trip. And plus, dashboard also becomes dark, i know because i did such trip many times with my car either and i was not able to see something so clear except illuminated buttons. I didn't try the new updated light but only problem was about vehicle head light distances at night. Nothing was seen truly and especially there was one road texture, it was almost closed totally.

    And about this update and vehicle physics... I just loved it, it felt so good to drive and i think you got so close to the real coach physics. And optimisation also improved so good. I am also so happy to see raindrops back but i wish rain would be lighter in general :)) Thanks TML, so good and great update.

    From TML Studio talks, i felt that you will not do new maps etc after Denmark, Czechia and Poland (To cover all Germany-neighbours), but i hope that's not true feeling :)

  • From TML Studio talks, i felt that you will not do new maps etc after Denmark, Czechia and Poland (To cover all Germany-neighbours), but i hope that's not true feeling :)

    I doubt that's true. I think that adding all of Germany's neighbouring countries is just a priority before implementing any further countries, which is just a logical order of expansions. For example, you can't really drive to the Baltic states without driving through Poland :) Besides that, new map DLCs are a win-win situation for both the developers and players.

  • I finally made a night drive after new update (I never use the Beta tests). These are my observastions about the lighting:

    1. Vehicle (Man Lion's Coach New Version) headlights seemed quite good and fixed even on the road texture i mentioned before.

    2. However, full beam (long distance) lights has a problem this time. It seems that it comes from one source. Second; it illuminates just in front of the bus almost same with head lights, it should illuminate far away, it illuminates a lot instead of spreading the light. (Check the screenshot)

    3. AI Headlights shows up so late, it was fixed before but it seems they returned how they were before. We should see their lights (both in mirror and coming from opposite direction) earlier and longer distance.

    4. There should be reflections of the turning indicator lights and bus' side led lights on ground but we cannot see these.

    These are the my observations from the night driving. Seems so much better than before but still there are things to be fixed. Thanks again for the great update.20210522234745_1.jpg