Update 28 for Fernbus Simulator - RELEASED

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    Daro27 - it would be helpful if you could circle/annotate what exactly the problem is, it's better for us if we know what's wrong otherwise it's like trying to play spot the difference :D

    Also please provide a screenshot of the nearest city to where the problem is, without any reference as to the nearest city, it's impossible for us to find and fix issues.

    Best Regards.

  • The fog problem in the mirrors which we had solved a few months after the releasing sim seems back after the latest hotfix.

    By the way, there are trees in the middle of road while going out of Brussels, unfortunately i didn't take pic or map but i am sure you will find it easily.

    I hope you will return to Fernbus more soon. I know you didn't abandon it but you work on The Bus 95% and almost maybe 1 % on Fernbus at the moment.

    Is there any clue about new vehicle DLC?


    It was normal when i play today, it was maybe light issue. Anyway, i am happy but i will be happier if we have a better AI :) And some more improvement

  • I completely missed out on the hotfix news but I managed to sneak in some time yesterday evening to test it and: it works!!!!

    No more steering misbehaviors!!!!

    It was the best trip ever!

    (Literally: I started playing when the bug was already present)

    Through this post I want to thank the devs for their hard work!

    Even though it's a 1kb hotfix; the smallest things are often the hardest to find and fix!

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    There's a few more vehicle DLCs that are actually ready but just need a dev to put them in the game, you guys will hear more soon :D

    Best Regards.

  • You don't need to spam on all topics. Just write in one. It doesn't look serious when you're trying to solve a problem.

  • Already but I would like that in Fernbus Simulator and Tourist Bus Simulator, I should put an update to increase the frame rate from 60 FPS to more than you know, as they are doing with The Bus.