Constant Steering Misbehaviour

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  • While using a Logitech G29, I am constantly getting hit with "Steering Misbehaviour" penalties, even when going perfectly straight. The wheel appears to function just fine, same as any other driving game/sim. Most of these come while going perfectly straight, the bus doesn't appear to be doing anything that should be creating any complaints. It turns smoothly both in-game and in the menu. I've tried recalibrating. I believe I've played with this same wheel years ago and don't remember having this issue.

    Sorry if this has been brought up before. I've searched on here, the Steam forums, and even general Google searches. The only similar problems I found was with keyboard steering about 5 years ago. I can of course turn off passenger complaints but this still effects scoring and part of the fun is keeping the passengers happy.

  • Hello I have read through your posts, as you have already written that you have ruled out the steering wheel through the tests, the steering wheel is not affected.

    I just tried it and drove a straight stick and the passengers didn't complain, I tried that with the mouse and keyboard controls as I don't own the G29.

    I have a few questions?

    • On which game version do you play
    • Which bus did you drive
    • And what a stretch the starting point and destination are

    That I am trying to find out what it is.

    I recommend you to open a tick in the support please note that you will get an answer only on Monday.


    With kind regards

    Cola Industries (CD Pro)

  • To answer your questions:

    I have a few questions?

    • On which game version do you play = 1.28.42101
    • Which bus did you drive = I've tried both Comfort Class and MAN buses. I haven't tried the others.
    • And what a stretch the starting point and destination are = I did a Berlin-Hamburg run earlier, 366 km. I got 89 for Steering Misbehaviour at the end of it.
    • Official Post

    Hi Dot350 - Sorry about your problem but please refrain from opening threads for each issue your experiencing, you can use a more appropriate thread like this one: Update 28 Officially Available, or alternatively you could contact our support: TML Studios Support.

    I am closing this thread after you've resolved your problem with Cola Industries

    Best Regards.