Fernbus Simulator - is it worth picking up?

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  • Greetings fellow sim players,

    now, first things first - back when the game first came out and the next two years to come, I've been... well. Not exactly on good terms with it. Overpriced, very buggy, not well optimised. But in recent gameplay videos, I've noticed that the game has severely picked up in quality - and since its currently on sale in Steam, I was wondering if you think its worth giving it a chance? And those of you who actively play it - what do you think of it? Has it really changed for the better?

    I appreciate your replies.

  • I got fernbus at the release on steam, and well... my experience was terrible... mostly because of the optimization, but now, I think it's an amazing game, TML has been working very hard to make the game incredible, for me, is one of the best sim around.

    So yes, answering your question, the game changed a lot and worth a second try!

  • I got Fernbus recently (I already own Tourist Bus Simulator) and have to say it's a decent game.
    Why only decent:
    A) there is a lot of pop in/out effect (lampposts (and their light!!!), traffic lights, traffic signs, licenseplates(+bumper on small trucks), trees)
    B) I started playing after 1.28 which causes me to get "steering misbehaviour" errors all the time (known bug)

    These are two points that really reduce the enjoyability. This is not to say that I don't enjoy it, but just not as much as I could and should.

    Other then that, the two games are quite alike. The only big differnece is the economy part from Touristbus sim.
    I like the fact it doens't have it (just plan a route and drive; no bus mainenance, no hiring drivers, mechanics and tour guides, getting supplies, ...)
    and dislike it at the same time (the fact that you have an office just ties the game together; planning routes from a menu feels a bit outside-of-the game).

    The thing that saves Fernbus from being flame-grilled by me, is the fact that I have 400+ hours in Touristbus Sim, so I know that TML can make games and fix stuff (which I hope they do soon).