Update 1.7 BETA - Now Available

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  • Update 1.7 of the Early Access of The Bus is now available as BETA for testing.

    Several changes and fixes are awaiting you, amongst others an overhauled options menu and correctly spawning busses in the front of the bus stop marker. Moreover, cars should not being blocked by pedestrian crossings anymore and the cashier should now be rendered correctly from all perspectives.

    For the full detailed list of changes, please, see the changelog below.


    Please create backup copies of your savegame files before switching to the EA BETA Update. Savegames may not be compatible with the new version of the game.


    ATTENTION: This is a BETA update. Technical problems, instability of the game as well as bugs during gameplay can be possible.

    How to install the beta version of the update?

    Quite easily:

    In your Library, you click with the right mouse button on the entry of the "The Bus"

    In the drop-menu, you click on the entry "Properties"

    In the window "The Bus - Properties" you select the tab "BETAS"

    In the field "Select the beta you would like to opt into:" select the entry "beta-beta"

    Now you can close the window and the beta version of the update should download right away

    After downloading the update you can start The Bus via the "PLAY" button

    In the main menu should now be the corresponding version number of the beta version of the update and you can test the update


    Changelog 0.11.44947 EA Beta

    - Options menus overhauled (old menu still available during beta)

    - Performance of level streaming optimized**

    - Busses now spawn at the front of the bus stop marker

    - Fixed game controllers jumping from disclaimer screen directly into Freeplay menu

    - Fixed pause menu not being controllable with game controllers

    - Level art fixes

    - Fixed cars being blocked by pedestrians crossings in some situations

    - Cashier not rendering correctly from certain perspectives fixed

    - Incorrect world map zoom after finishing route fixed

    - Board computer keybinds not working while tour selection is not displayed fixed

    Changelog 0.11.45040 EA Beta

    - Fixed a bug in The Bus controls menu where changes are always saved even without hitting the apply button*
    - Fixed game controllers jumping from disclaimer screen directly into Freeplay menu*
    - Fixed pause menu not being controllable with game controllers*
    - Level art fixes

    Changelog 0.11.45139 EA Beta

    - Performance optimizations **
    - Level Art fixes
    - Placed more traffic signs
    - Wind animation of trees improved
    - New options menu improvements

    Changelog 0.11.45231 EA Beta

    - New options menu improvements

    - Small fixes for vehicle AI

    - Localisation updates

    - Level Art fixes

    - Performance optimizations**

    Changelog 0.11.45256 EA Beta

    - Fixes a issue where passengers wouldn't behave correctly after loading a savegame.

    * Only occurred during the BETA test of this update

    ** Please, be aware that the impact of performance optimisations varies from system to system due to hardware configurations, installed software, and other programs running in the background

  • After a very long pause with this sim i updated The Bus to the v 1.7 Beta.

    The simulator works really fine, the only thing i noticed this far is that the new settings screen didn't save my settings. I had to use the old one.

    It might be because of some settings in Steam, but for some reason the simulator didn't recognize my Hori Fighting Stick, which i tried to use

    to map the buttons for opening the doors. My G27 worked without issues.

    My main question is when do we finally get the real sounds for the Scania? It is really dull to drive, because you barely hear anything.

    The Scania is not that silent in the reality. I know that because of Corona, you could not produce the real sounds at the beginning, but

    now the Corona situation is much easier.

  • Hi, we've updated the beta one last time with the build 0.11.45256, this is to fix a crucial issue where the passengers wouldn't behave correctly after loading a savegame.

    All being well the Update will be released today.