Community Tips and Tricks

We are closing this forum

In recent years, a large and active community has emerged on our Discord server. Many members are therefore no longer active in this forum and contributions from new users were not answered or only answered late. We are therefore closing this forum with immediate effect. Old posts will still be visible, but it will no longer be possible to write new posts. You can find our discord server here:

    • Official Post

    Welcome to the TML-Studios Community.
    Here are a few tips and tricks to our Community, explaining the several features of the forums, the Download-Center, and the Support-Center.

    0. Here we go

    • To make sure that you can see all contents in our Community, please make sure to enable alle Inhaltssprachen in Euren Profileinstellungen auswählt.
    • Your accounts and contens of the netCom have been tranferred to the new Community (until November 11, 2015):

      • Profile pictures, descriptions, and further details could not be transferred. Please edit them in your profile details.
      • Your passwords shoul work as before. Should you experience problems, you can easily reset your password.
      • Friendships could not be transferred, as there is no real "friendship system" in our new Community. You are able to "follow" any member though.
      • Formatting errors may occur. We're keen on fixing them.
    • Please use square images for your profile pictures to ensure a great look. You can also use a Gravatar profile picture.
    • Make sure to check your privacy and notification settings.

    • You can connect your Steam profile with your Community profile. More information coming up in the coming weeks.
    • On TML TV, you'll find the newest videos on the official TML-Studios YouTube channel.
    • On Blogs, you'll find an overview of the latest blogposts.
    • You can collect activity points in our community and achieve a higher status.

      1. Paper Boat Captain
      2. Street Cleaner
      3. Titanic Explorer
      4. Living the life of Carlos
      5. 7 Line Conductor
      6. Long-Distance Coach Driver

      Here's how to get points:
      - Get a like: 1 Point
      - Write a post: 3 Points
      - Open a topic: 8 Points
      - Upload a file in the Download-Center: 15 Points

    1. Forum rules and guidelines

    • Please make sure to read through and follow our rules and guidelines!
    • To make sure our users follow our rules and guidelines, we have a warning-system.
      Violations result in certain warning points. When reaching a certain number of points, suspensions may occur that exclude you from the TML-Studios Community or at least certain functions.

    2. The TML Online Team

    3. The Forum

    • Please make sure to submit your posts in the suitable forum topics.
    • Off-Topic is allowed, but please note the rules and guidelines.
    • Please embed any images that do not belong to you with the [img] BBCode.
    • Should you like a post of any member, give it a thumbs up. :thumbup:
    • We have a Chat room via our Steam group. Check it out
    • Some more features in our forums:

    You can easily show Steam products by simplay posting the link to the app.

    There are two ways to share YouTube videos. Simply paste the link in your post for a regular view. By using the following scheme, the video will be shown with the full width.{VIDEO ID}

    4. Download-Center

    • You can upload files to share in certain areas of our Download-Center (eg. repaints, maps, etc.).
      The maximum file size is 200 MB. Shoul you want to upload a file that is larger than 200 MB, please contact @UndergroundBerlin (Chris).
    • Then uploading a file, a distribution license has to be chosen. These licenses are defined with Creative Commons. Please make sure to find out, which license is most suitable for your upload.
    • After submitting a file, it will be checked and released by a TML Online Team member.
    • If you've worked on a download with one or more members of our Commuity, you can list them as a contributor of your file. All contributors will be able to edit the description, screenshots, and more.
    • On the page of your submitted file, you can upload a header image. Upload an image file with the file ending .file-header, and it will be used as the header image automatically. Recommended image resolution is 1420 x 325 pixels.
    • You can show a download in a forum post with the BBCode [file] and the download ID.
      Example: [file]87[/file]

    5. Support-Center

    • Our Support-Center may be used by everybody, even if you are not a registered member in the TML-Studios Community. All we need is an e-mail address to stay in touch with you.
    • In order for us to give you good support, please choose the correct category when submitting a ticket.
    • Should you have technical issues, please generate a DX-Diag file and attach it to your ticket.
    • When submitting a ticket, you can let us know if you're willing to show your ticket to the public. Just leave a hint in the ticket.
    • Please note that support tickets can usually only be answered between Monday and Friday!

    Should you have any questions, ideas, etc. please don't hesitate to contact any of the TML Online Team members.
    Have a great time in our Community!

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