Anything Planned for WOS 4?

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  • So i was messing with WOS 4 the other day and was thinking about things that can be added and honestly the game feels a little lacking for what i payed.
    So i was wondering is anything planned to be added or changed later on??

    also here are some ideas that I have
    > AI traffic for other lines at Queensboro Plaza and for the LIRR
    > Other train skins such as the Silver and Blue scheme, Black scheme, White Scheme, World Fair Scheme and maybe add some Graffiti and weathering to these trains
    > Unique painted stadium express services
    > 5 Pointz, i have been unable to find it, even though its apparently right next to the 7 Line
    > More Graffiti, there was a lot more graffiti than what is shown in the game
    > Dirtyness! Everything seems too clean, Tracks, Vehicles, walls, stations, buildings
    > If new stock schemes get added, maybe make a train builder? where you can assemble your own collection of dirty, graffiti-ed different painted cars
    > station and area exploration like in WOS 3?
    >Better running of the game!! i dont mind the performance issues, however when i try to stop at a station the game may crash without warning

    Now here is a far thing which will probably never happen, would it be possible to ditch the just 7 line idea and add other lines to this game, like how they do it in OMSI, but have NYC subway routes, both past and present with the rolling stock?
    This is just an idea

  • Hey,

    WOS4 is actually completed and there won't be any further feature updates anymore. I understand your points, but we sadly don't have the resources to add more features (especially detailed things that you've mentioned).

    The good side is: we're working on the game performance. Watch this spot in the coming weeks... :)

    Thanks for your feedback!


  • Thanks for the reply =)
    Little disappointed on the game being completed, heh first time i have ever said that before
    But its still nice that there is a complete game thats not missing half the map or something, in short Nice job on the game =)

    Thanks for the info on the performance, I shall come back every once in a while

    Also you guys seem to get back to users quicker than many forums that i have seen before and I praise you for that =)

    Thanks for the Reply and i hope you don't encounter many troublesome Forum guests =)

  • Hey I am back, Had a shower thought this morning, and it sorta hangs on your answer
    Is the game Mod/steam workshop compatible??

    If so most if not all of the features that i suggested can be created as mods, including the rebuild thing =D

    If not, It was worth asking =)