FAQ - Bus & Cable Car Simulator

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    Bus & Cable Car Simulator - Frequently Asked Questions

    General: English version in German?

    General: I cant steer with the keyboard

    Game: Very laggy performance

    Game: Can I repaint busses or add mods?

    General: No sound

    Game: Where can I find the Schedule-Wizzard?

    General: Delete assigned keys?

    Error message: Can not run file...

    Steering-Wheel: Driving Force GT (or other wheel) not working

    Game: Destinationboard disappeared

    Game: Bus doesn't generate compressed air

    Game: Speedometer doesn't work on Streetcars.

    Game: Trafficlights arent working (black texture)

    Game: No rain outside

    Game: I cant buy new vehicles in the exhibition hall

    Game: Outside view?

    Game: Something pushes me out of the Streetcar

    Game: No kickdown

    Game: Bus doesn't accelerate over 15 mph

    Game: Pickup won't drive

    Game: I'm stuck with my vehicle / traffic jam blocks me

    Game: Manually change the weather?

    Tutorial: Schedule Wizzard

    Tutorial: Cable Car

    Tutorial: Trolleybus

    PC: I can't hear any sounds with my 5.1 soundsystem