FAQ - CBS 2010

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  • CBS 2010 - New York - Frequently Asked Questions

    General: Too many registrations

    General: How can I backup my profile?

    General: Mixing the versions

    General: TrackIR not working

    Error message: Can not set Allocations, Worldeditor.dll is missing

    Error message: The engine was unable to create a suitable...

    Error message: XINPUT9_1_0.dll was not found

    Chapter 3: My bus gets stuck, I can't move

    Chapter 4: Where is Isabell?

    Chapter 6: When I start or play the chapter it crashes

    Chapter 6: Can't find the bus

    Mission: Timetable

    Mission: New Timetable, what to do?

    Game: Traffic level

    Game: I can't pick up passengers

    Game: Mission failes because not all passengers were transported

    Game: Timetables (Freeride)

    Game: Some missions cannot be completed

    Game: Bus only drives max. 30 mp/h

    Game: Several variants of the same bus?

    Game: How to view screenshots?

    Editor: Edit NY-Map?

    Editor: Hack the camera

    Editor: Export own Bus

    Editor: Own Radio

    Editor: Import a Bus

    Steering-wheel: Wrong rotation (G25)