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  • As a resident of France, you can always convince that TML STUDIOS would agree to create this bridge and terrain.

    No it's not that simple, if they really decided to make that bridge, they need to get the license from that private society. Only then TML can get the data of the bridge, and also the right in law.

    There's so many amazing bridges in France, not only this one.

  • Help guys, how to set the steering wheel at 1800 °? A person addressed me with such a question, I have a steering wheel of 900 ° and I do not know how to help him. Thank.

  • I checked it because I have a steering wheel of 1080 degrees, in the game there is no angle setting of rotation automatically recognizes steering wheel setting game. When I set the steering wheel to 1080 in the program, I turned it on but not to the end, it's best to have at 900, then the range and arms are compatible with the steering wheel bus. if it wants to set it to 1080, let it be set to the steering wheel according to his program, the steering wheel which he has there adjusts the angle photo of the program where you set up each steering wheel has its own program Maximus

    I have now set to 1080 degrees, as you see the green color rotation angle of the wheel

  • I'm not surprised because at the beginning everyone has to learn, I can say that the best adaptation to the games of the simultor is 900 degrees and everyone recommends the steering wheel is a lot better and more enjoyable realistic Maximus

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup: