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  • Localization bug reports:

    I purchased MAN Lion's Intercity DLC^^

    So when I sat down in the cockpit and I noticed that some of the switches were not localized.

    But I'm sure they've all been translated.

    List of switches not localized in Lion's Intercity:

    • Stop Brake On
    • Stop Brake Off
    • Air Condition On
    • Air Condition Off
    • Open/Close front door
    • Open/Close rear door
    • Play Announcement
    • Stop Announcement
    • Radio Volume
    • Lift Up
    • Lift Down
    • Luggage Open or Close
  • Hi all

    After spending months and hours on this supposed simulator, I’ve had to uninstall it from Steam because it just doesn’t capture the essence of coach driving for me. I am comparing to OMSI because despite a pretty graphics engine, it’s functional. Even more so that the UK content is ramping up.

    No editor, Unreal’s lack of third party support is evident.

    No proper sounds of the actual coaches. i’ve heard every coach in this game in real life and none of them sound like it. Do you all not go out and record the vehicles? Why is it that a family man can do it but a big company can’t source the real thing?

    The handling physics are awful, turning a corner shouldn’t be full lock on a bend, changing lanes and staying in the lane is a feat because the steering is off. I am sure V3D mentioned this to you all.

    We have coders and scripters in OMSI who aren’t big companies who can add some wicked features to buses. Regardless of licence!!

    I am going to wait and see what happens with The Bus because I expect to see some more effort in the thing. Just because it’s on Steam, the quality control should be there from the outset.

    TSW is striving for more realism than this and its on the same platform.

    Come on TML, you did it for World of Subways, make this out to be better than it currently is.

    Go out and record the vehicles.

    What the time you have there dread? 12 o Clock Natty. :thumbup:

  • Im sure they don't need to be that high for the livery to show.

    I'm not entirely bothered about seeing the scenery in best quality. I was able to see the skins a few updates ago and settings were not that high.

  • Hi can someone help me with some settings for fernbus with this config
    to make it a little better I mean fps only if you can!

    CPU : Amd Ryzen 5 2400G 3.60 Ghz
    Ram : HyperX FURY DDR4 2666 MHz CL16 total 16 Gb Ram
    GPU : msi Radeon Rx 580 Armor 8G Oc
    Power Supply : Crosair VS550 550w PFC Active 80 Plus
    HDD : 1TB Western Digital
    SDD : 120 Gb 530 MB/s, 2.5 Sata III

    Thank you very much who will help me :)

  • Hi Scooby,

    we know about this problem and are not satisfied with the current state either. We are working on the AI on the streets for The Bus, a future game of ours, already and the Fernbus SImulator will benefit from it as well. Regards

  • Hi! I tried to play Fernbus Simulator, and now I have some questions. Maybe the solution is obvious but still I could not find it. Please help me If you know an answers.

    1. When I accelerate using a keyboard, double click on a button (which is used for acceleration) launches an emergency braking. How can I turn off this behaviour?

    2. Is it possible not to center a steering wheel automatically, but to center it with some button?

    3. Can I change the scale of a map on a navigator?

  • Hi earlofwindow

    Double clicking 'S' would activate the emergency brake, you can check it in your control setting page.

    We'll consider about this function in the future.

    You can press 'Q' to zoom the map on the nav.

    Thank you! In fact in the first question a problem was that double clicking "W" also activates the emergency brake. But now I cleared all the settings and problems was solved. I don't know what was this but it seems that I did something wrong at the control settings page.

  • I catch the problem once more. When I add a new button for brakes (for example, Num 2 in addition to S or Down), double clicking W or another button for acceleration starts to activate an emergency brake. Is it bug or my misunderstanding?

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