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  • Firstly I'd like to say a big thank you to those involved in making the first ever real to life coach simulator in stunning detail.

    After watching all the beta videos of fernbus simulator on YouTube I have noticed that everytime they collect or drop off passengers the bus/coach stations are empty. No other parked buses or coaches are parked in bays. As its a simulator will we see other buses and coaches at the stations or driving around the autobahns.

    Also the coaches are 50+ seaters, in game I have seen the driver only collect tickets from 6 or 7 passengers. Will we ever be able to fill the seats onboard? It seems a MAN coach is overkill for no more than 10
    Passengers perhaps minibus simulator would be more suitable. Joking. But seriously we need to be able to pick up more passengers or make multiple pickups and drop offs.

    Most of the big bus stations in Germany require the driver to swipe his access pass or buzz the intercom at the entrance to gain access will this be included in the game as well?

    I have already pre ordered the game and can't wait for the final release.

    Look forward to be updates and future dlcs.

  • More traffic bus, expansion dworcy, more passengers, manual transmission indicated, smooth movement of people boarding the autubsu, drop-off. This is useful in the game. The manufacturer guarantees that they will update work on the game and the DLC additions bus new vehicles, etc.And so it is already good, and congratulations for TML STUDIO for such a project simulator bus. I can not wait to ride MAN launch of the game :)

  • and also, what will this become?
    [Blocked Image: http://image.prntscr.com/image/f9fe049f93914f16a09c45623d805382.png]

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    The coach itself might be customizable as soon as we release the modding tools. No guarantee on that though.

    We can't say yet what features will come in future. First off, we're releasing that actual game that will have all the features you've already seen in videos, etc. Check out the Aerosoft shop for a full list.

  • Chris, remember to respect the players, professional and amateur, let each player has the opportunity to drive to have a full choice of everything in the game from the beginning of the ride, not just career and lock. Only the concept of the game is popular, sold and everyone will have a chance to ride like in real life coach. Bus Simulator is not playing CS to block something in the game. It has to be riding for the pleasure of the vehicle according to the road is a priority good simulator. If so you do as I say it will reach the mass of players after the game and will be satisfied. People really do not like the blocking game simulators. Please answer as I say in the game and it is the opinion of environment for drivers and players who know the real driving and simulation. I'm waiting for an answer, Chris, greet

  • How you even dare to say 'Remember to respect the players'? They already announced they are gonna allow people to mod busses, maps etc...

    But that's a few updates later... not on the release, since that's coming too quickly! You don't make any sense here.

  • That's why I say this to the company to Chris early developing this important issue, because I know what they want players of this game and what is the great expectation to the game was the best. These are very important issues and better speak openly straight in the eye without injury .Me suggestions to Chris are most cultural self-respecting company. bad friend took my words I see strange somehow. Regards Chris :) Marcin Poland
    The thing applies to something else God will be the development of this I said a long time ago. I suggest that in the game was the ability to ride the bus without locking the game, I think that what is presented is understandable...

  • Hello, I am calling from England, and I have wanted to drive a coach since I was eight, and I will be 50 in a month's time. That's a long time to wait for a game like this, as I have not been able to achieve it in real life. Anyway, I do hope that there will be expansions to other European countries - I know for a fact that there are plenty of modders out there just itching at the opportunity to extend the map. (Not me, sadly, I struggle with iTunes.) Just like it was with Euro Truck Simulator, and then American Truck Simulator, the possibilities are enormous and only limited by the number of countries that there are in real life. And, of course, not only countries but coach models, passenger models, and wouldn't it be funny if one of the passengers on a coach was playing Fernbus Coach Simulator? Well, I laughed, anyway.

    Looking forward to this game very much.


  • Fernbus Simulator Release-Event

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  • Hey there, sorry my German is really rusty and I can kinda find some of this info out by searching but would you mind answering this in English for me? I am a full time Twitch streamer that focuses on simulations (prefer driving ones). I am very excited about your game after seeing my friend Squirrel's video series on this. I gather it is coming out in 3 days on the 25th of August? If this is right any idea when it will be available or show up on steam? Right now Fernbus yields no results from a search on Steam. I read in one of the German posts that you are looking for let's players and streamers to show the game. Any chance if the game is not out this week I could get access? Ever since seeing Squirrel's vids I am super excited. Been waiting for years for SCS to finish their coach sim which looks like its never going to happen now and was so happy to see just how polished and developed yours is.

    Here is a clip of me playing Bus Sim 2016:

    Thank you for letting me know. I am asking so I can tell my community when I can begin to cover this title.


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    Hey Domo,

    we unfortunately don't have an exact time to tell you for release. It will definitely be on August 25, sometime during the day in Germany - depending on where you live you'll have to consider time zone differences.

    Best regards,

    Edit: I forgot your other question. Early access isn't possible anymore, very sorry.

  • Good afternoon @UNDERGROUND BERLIN
    I did pre-order Fernbus by chance do not you tell me if aerosoft will make submissions before the day 08.25.2016 for those who live outside of Germany, in my case when do you think I receive the game in Portugal?
    By the way I once gave the suggestion of creating a website that allow form virtual bus companies, will do something?
    Once again my congratulations on the game, since I pre-order the 12.21.2015 I hope looking forward to its release and now that will launch the game will wait anxiously for DLCs :-).

    Luís Navio