Let’s talk about Fernbus (EN)

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  • Hello wonder is anyone can help.

    When I am progressively breaking the bus to a stop the emergency brakes activates which I don’t want. Is there any way to turn of the emergency brakes?

    Thank you

  • Can anyone tell me how to disable the floaty ride at highway speed.

    I am referring to the up & down movement of the dash & steering wheel in relation to the view point.

    I am told this not present if using trackir.

    I have head movement set to zero.

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  • Okay, so, I've been wondering about a couple of in-game things which I can't seem to figure out so I thought I'd start a thread with the questions.

    Route creation screen:

    The "Express" radio button: what does it do? It seems to skip certain stops, but I am not 100% sure.

    "Check-in time" field: No idea what this does.


    Driver schedule - breaks: It doesn't seem to matter when I take the brake, in the end I always get a "resting quality point deduction".

    9 Out of 10 times, the time that I need to take the break at, there is no resting place around (or not even available on the planned route!) so I need to pull over on the side of the road.

    Driving gears: I seem to not notice any difference between the driving gears D1, D3 and D5. I think I should notice the difference when (for instance) pulling away at a traffic light or cruising down the highway.... but I don't :S


    I was having a lot of problems with regard to stuff popping in and out (most annoying where traffic lights, their "lightbundels" and traffic signs).

    I added some code to the DefaultEngine.ini which I found somewhere on the forum:


    I've been trying and testing but I am unable to conclude whether it's working or not.

    As far as I know this are multipliers on a previously set value, but maybe I should go to more extreme values?

  • I am stuck with trying to get Fernbus to work, I can only get far enough for it to get stuck because of junctions but as soon as I change settings it closes out with a UE4 error. I posted to support but I seem to be missing software. I asked someone on YT comments for advice but the response I got didn't make sense since I can't code, after telling them this they just started suggesting I have never been to school since I can't code.

  • HI,

    Do you guys have good perfomance or what?

    I have very poor perfomance, fps is 18-40 with i9-9900k, gpu 6900xt, 32GB ram with 3440x1440 and epic settings. And its stuttering.

    And actually it's not better with high settings.

    I like the game, there is more potential than ETS2

    Don't have problems with other games. Could someone share experiences with such a setting?

    edit: Problems are with mirrors. I changed mirror quality setting from epic to medium and fps is 60.

    There are still stuttering, but playable.

    Thank you

  • Hello,

    I got bored of driving the VDL Futura FDD2 or other coaches,is there any new coach in the works? and what type of coaches do you plan for the future?

    Personally i would like to see Mercedes-Benz Tourismo.