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  • What mistakes are corrected in this list BS 2012?

    1: fixed bug where bus speeds up when turning
    2: passengers no-longer block the doors when they exit the bus
    3: passengers now wait at the bus stop
    4: new option where you choose the level of detail in mirrors
    5: new option where you choose if tickets are sold or not
    6: fixed passenger seating positions
    7: new option to select if steering wheel goes back automaticly
    8: New option to select if bus gets busy
    9: fixed bug where you can walk few garage doors
    10: new option where you select if weather changes or not
    11: fixed bug where cars randomly stop on the steep hill coming up to the bridges

    I think customers (who are still buying BS 2012) deserve an upgrade, do not you think? the name of TML-Studios, can not stain. Hundreds of people will not want to buy back a product of TML, for the bad image that gives this simulator.
    I just want to know if it is possible to take out some patches, would only have to tell one of his programmers to devote 30 minutes a day for one month, and the game will work fine.
    Why forcefeedback not work in almost any wheel? My T300RS Thrustmaster, never worked well, only works decently, a Logitech steering wheel.

    Please do not remove this issue, it would be nice to fix simulator is 2012, not 10 years ago. It is a simulator with a few years, it has many bugs, it would be good to have fun if it worked well.

    A very common mistake that should fix:
    - The bus rebounds curbs.

    If you do not want to fix it, would it be considered an abandoned game? Why you should follow the sale on Steam does not meet the recommended quality? :)

  • Hey,

    thanks for your post. Unfortunately, any development on BS 2012 has been completed. Generally, every game only has a specific time span to receive updates and patches, which varies depending on the size of the game and the financial capabilities. We just don't have the ressources to continue patching the game, as with other games that have already been released. During the time the game was released, this was one of the most advanced ways to develop a bus simulator, which of course is obsolete until now. Check out our "Fernbus Simulator" project to see a massive difference towards BS 2012 or other bus simulations that we have released before. Steam sales are by the way not under our control, rather more by our publisher, Aerosoft.

    Hope I could answer your question.

    Best regards

  • Thanks for your sincerity.

    I saw something about Fernbus, I liked a lot, I think it has a great future. Physical and sounds are great.

    So I think that forsake BS2012, today I have BS2016 and even OMSI 2, but the Mercedes-Benz Citaro bus is very well recreated and the map, it's great.

    If you need a beta tester, I can help (obviously free, I have dedicated myself to test some games of Spanish studies), I have a steering wheel Thrustmaster: T300RS.

    A greeting.

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  • Thanks a lot. We appreciate it a lot to hear that we've made a product our customers like.

    Our publisher Aerosoft called out for beta testers a short while ago, whereas you can always register yourself for future products.

    Best regards