DevDiary #10 - Fernbus Coach Simulator GAMEPLAY

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    Hey everyone,

    we're back with a new DevDiary and we finally have some great gameplay shots to show you from the upcoming Fernbus Coach Simulator. I'll take you on a ride from Berlin to Halle (Saale) with our MAN Lion's Coach in the current BETA version of the game. The video is 20 minutes long, as there are quite a few things that are explained and you guys should also get a good impression of the game. Another special feature in this video is being able to watch it in 4K, as the ingame material has also been recorded in 4K quality.

    ATTENTION: This video was recorded using a BETA version of the game, which is NOT FINAL, and does not resemble the final product! Please keep this in mind during the whole length of the video.

    English subtitles are now available!

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  • Good afternoon,
    I've been watching the Dev Diary # 10 and already I congratulate the excellent work.
    I wanted to leave a sujestão to make the most realistic fernbus if possible to make clear.
    On the check in by standard drivers use a smartphone to do as you can see a video that I shared in another topic.
    Continuing an excellent job.

    Luís Navio