DevDiary #11 - Bus Design + more GAMEPLAY

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  • Hey everyone,

    we're back with a new DevDiary with great new contents!

    After the successful last DevDiary, we're going to show off a ride on a country road into the city of Bremen, including its bus stop and the depot, which will end up in quite a funny and awkward situation... :P
    Including to that we're going to explain, how exactly a bus is built for our games.

    Have fun!

    Important facts:

    • Release has been postponed to August 11, 2016!
    • First DLC for the Fernbus Coach Simulator will be the Neoplan Skyliner! More info and fist pics will follow in July.

    Please enable English subtitles in the video...

    Best regards

  • Good afternoon,
    I loved the video are doing a great job and wanted to congratulate them for it.
    Once the game scheduled for August 11, which is forecast DLC Neoplan?
    I am happy also because they are already thinking further ahead in wanting to launch DLC from other coaches, I hope you are expected to launch map expansion DLC.
    I loved one day to make a trip to Germany - Portugal.

    Luís Navio

  • Good morning Chris
    I would like to ask if we can use the keys on the steering wheel to do something? Such as pausing and changing the music or radio, if we can add our own music in the game, just like ETS2 ,and do it better than ETS2. ;)

    Best Regards