DevDiary #13 - The last Fernbus-DevDiary + What's up next

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  • Hey everyone,

    in less than a month, we're releasing the Fernbus Coach Simulator! Therefore, it's time for the very last DevDiary to this title. Yes, there will be new DevDiaries, starting October.

    This DevDiary included the following contents:

    • The last works on the Fernbus Coach Simulator are being completed: passenger voices are being recorded, AI traffic is being optimized, and the Unreal Engine 4.12 is being integrated.
    • Come say hello at the Gamescom! We'll be there at the Aerosoft pit, and we'll be glad to welcome you to try out the game exclusively before release.
    • We printed a bunch of flyers for the Fernbus Coach Simulator that will be handed out in the FlixBus Shops around Germany. Keep your eyes open, should you move around in this country.
    • AFTER RELEASE: We'll add the city of Kassel with an update (we noticed that it really needs to be in the game), we'll work hard on support and quick updates and fixes, the Skyliner will be completed, and the Modding Tools will be released, enabling you to create and edit maps, and much more.
    • The next game: ...well, we won't spoil it just yet. Just the fact that it will be a bus simulation that will include one specific feature that has never been realized in this form ever before. Stay tuned for more...
    • We want to say THANK YOU, on one hand to all the Let's Players that we have given access to the beta for testing and promotion purposes.
    • And a big THANK YOU to all of YOU, to our community for all the support and feedback! We can't wait to see the game in your hands.

    Here's the video:

    Best regards,