Fernbus Coach Simulator: Your wishes and ideas

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  • Feel free to post your wishes regarding to Fernbus Coach Simulator straight in this thread. We'll evaluate your feedback and probably implement your wishes in the future.

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  • I'd Really love the Mercedes benz Tourismo - [Blocked Image: http://www.bus-bild.de/1200/meinfernbusflixbus-mercedes-benz-tourismo-am-130602.jpg]
    Also a good thing would be the ability to customize textures for the phone and bus, so that you could make your own virtual company and drive around with it.

    I'd also love the addition of the alps part of Switzerland, France, Italy and Austria, I've been many times on a coach from Munich to different cities in there and the drive is beautiful, You could do it as a paid DLC:
    [Blocked Image: http://image.prntscr.com/image/592a5f2b81e44b43947928f0bae49214.png]

    EDIT: We've included your idea.

  • hi, i was thinkin that maybe it was possible in the future to implement a Kind of steering camera? So that when turning the steering wheel the camera follows in the direction like a driver moves his Head to Look in the direction he is turning? And maybe also optimize the navigation system to be able to Zoom And or by "arrow" Show direction of next turn? Thank you very much for what is looking to be an awesome product in the future

    Best regards

    EDIT: We've included your idea.

  • The game cool :) only improve the errors described Optimization map all buttons in the cockpit of a mouse, not every action, horn while driving behind the bus camera does not operate the horn at all, should be a lot louder. Manual transmission is also introduced.

  • Some people use multiple controllers on their computer. I think it would be handy to let them choose.

    Example: UndergroundBerlin uses 2 controllers: Xbox 360 controller, and a G29.. let him choose what controller he want to use.

    Again, i used UndergroundBerlin just as an example

    EDIT: We've included your idea.

  • [Blocked Image: http://image.prntscr.com/image/cb3d34b3d38f4146acdd68f5c91956b6.png]

    EDIT: We've included your idea.

  • On the route planning map perhaps add where the rest and fuel stops are to aid in better route planning as I'm sure this is something Flixbus route planners will take into account when planning routes. Plus on the sat nav extend the range as you don't see a turn off on the motorways until you've almost passed it. Maybe also more rest stops on the map.

    EDIT: We've included your idea.

    • Less traffic lights in cities
    • Coach spawns inside depot building - EDIT: We've included this idea.
    • Ability to open door whilst moving
      Staff note: Not possible on real coaches
    • GPS shows large arrow of which way to go as current lines are hard to se - EDIT: We've included this idea.
  • Good Morning,
    Although not yet had the chance to experience the game (must arrive by mail today) I wanted to leave here a board and two tips for Fernbus.
    My advice is that before you start thinking put more content in the game, should be focused on fixing all the bugs of the same and then start thinking about launch DLCs, I know that the sale of the DLC is that will give monetary conditions in order to proceed with the improvement of the game, but the game has bugs to launch DLC few are those who will risk buying them.
    How many aces tips one of them is that it would be good in the future have the ability to adjust the driver's seat, adjust the steering wheel and mirrors to our liking. The second tip is to be possibel customize the driver from his appearance to the clothes you wear, because I believe that all or most of the staff would make the closest thing I can possible puppet and talk of clothes because once you leave the tools to do the repaints with umpa I paint for example the EuroLines will not be in uniform with clothing FlixBus. I hope you enjoy some of the ideas and take into account what I said at the beginning embrace all Fernbus team after all did a great job.

  • Volvo 9900 6X2 or 4X2
    come on you beautiful people :D make this happen please...

    we already have it on Omsi 1/2 but now when you can convert it to a Fernbus.. it will be amazing...

    460 HP - 12 Speed I-shift - 2500 Newton Meters - 600L fuel around 3000 Kilometers... ow man that is awesome...

    think about it folks :)

    Best Regards
    Wass +45 DK/Denmark

    PS: my truck is always Scania, but with busses i have only one and that is 9000 Series Volvo I-Shift :)

    EDIT: We've included your idea.

  • (re-editing as many typos with phone auto-correct).

    I love this game already, more fun and realistic than either ATS or ETS2 so well done and thank you for building this, get this right and you will have a loyal following for ever, like FSX for example.

    I see that many of my own likes are already covered, which is great.

    • I would like to see the steering wheel turning circle Increased to 900 degrees or more and capable of mapping 1:1 directly to a G27 for example, without this the steering is not smooth (bad for coach sim).
    • I would also like to see the ability to add a dead zone to steering axis so you can drive straight whilst not looking at the road (great for checking out the fab scenery).
    • The map should remember the position and zoom level from previous view, not always start min zoom in centre of map (way more convenient).
    • Someone already asked for GPS to be zoomable, PLEASE zoom in and not out! ATS and ETS2 both do this the wrong way round (or perhaps have zoom in and out option??).

    • Buttons to have a hover description when you hold the mouse over them and or a detailed manual.
    • If I arrive early at a bus stop not all passengers should be there, if I arrive 20 mins early (for example) I should have to wait for them to arrive.
    • I would also like to see the occasional late passenger, then I decide to wait or not (regardless of final evaluation scores).
    • When passengers board the bus the luggage compartment should fill or empty accordingly (and perhaps they should not all have the same bag).
    • Somewhere other than on the speedo we need fuel, speed and any other relevant info available, even if a simple pop-up on request via button.
    • There seem to be a number of functionality items that are not present in the controls area (cant think of example right now, will try to return to this).
    • Adjustable Mirrors. // We already got this ingame. Press <TAB>

    P.S: I cannot wait to travel on a Flixbus they look AMAZING!

    Staff note: We've included your bold notes, thanks!

  • Suggestions:
    - Adequate AI, as ETS2/ATS;
    - Bug fixes, too a lot;
    - Game optimization;
    - Good support steering wheels / feedback;
    - To add easy training for beginners. (Many who played OMSI2 know, that you need to read the tutorial (pdf) in the game folder. But in practice, a short training trip would make life easier for beginners).

    Gameplay - I would like to / Not enough:

    - To expand the city part, probably to choose travel to the station. Don't go to the bus stop "at the tunnel." It is impossible to avoid a traffic jam;
    Staff note: Cities with POI are already large. What do you mean by 'bus stop at the tunnel'?

    - More action and gaming events inside the bus and in the environment:

    • manual control filling on the fuel station / relaxation. Please, I do not want another ETS2/ATS, when refueling inside the cockpit. Repairs would not hurt to add;
    • special services (police, ambulance, emergency, etc.) at least occasionally to give a chance to play a role. Do not just ride on the roads ... ;
      Staff note: As events on Autobahn?
    • passenger felt bad and need to stop / emergency call;
    • when the accident occurred, it is necessary to call the police and wait for it (get a penalty for violations);
    • possibility to accidentally drive skip the post police and after to get pursue + penalty for violations;
    • peoples on the streets and AI buses / Truck on the road.
      Staff note: Will be added

    - To fix the mirror, dense fog. The central mirror instead of interior with passengers always broadcasts the heavens. Very useful device!

    - Add on cockpit view a button to activate the cursor mouse (ex. the middle mouse button) for use any control buttons without change camera (keys 4,5,6 etc.). it will simplify pressing of buttons on the move without looking up from the road. I want more realism and push yourself :)

    - Add animation movement of passengers To/From bus and their voices. Opening the cargo compartment when leaving of the bus to make necessarily.

    - Possible to add Campaign mode. Where you will go at scheduled times 24 hours a day as it have done in the OMSI2.

    Thanks for game! Sorry for my poor english.