Fernbus Coach Simulator: Your wishes and ideas

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  • I get what you guys mean, but as @legress said, it is only realistic to have German voices in the Germany map. Should we, for example, add France to the game, then off course we would have French voices, etc.
    We don't have the resources though to record voices in all languages that the game is available in. We would have to hire professional speakers in every language for a huge set of words and sentences, which takes up a tremendous amount of time and is just simply way too expensive.

    So keep your hopes down, that's just not going to happen for now.

  • I support a colleague Pat @Pat Stringer , each player should have the comments of passengers in any language as a game released. Technically, it's easy. You only want to do. TML STUDIO should be done. The game has an international group of people, a player does not want to read his travels. He wants to hear and it's beautiful just as real. Country map of Germany is of no importance to all languages passengers. @legress

    If you live in Poland or another country - all citizens speak in polish only. Its Germany, you are busdriver, and all citizens speak in deutsch, because you are work in Germany, and, obviously you must to speak in deutsch too.

    Maybe, when mod tools will added and mods can create some map expansion: Poland, Italy, France etc. Then each game-fan can recording own sound for yourself, for own country. But now you are work into Germany, and all citizens speak in deutsch only.

    Sure, all country's have a tourists from other lands, but each tourist have to know basic words. If you coming to Italy, you need to communicate with people, who live in Italy on their native language.

  • Hey!

    I would like to offer one idea. Can you make "Hollydays days" - january 1st, christmas, and etc. This day passengers will be more than usual.
    For passengers who want to buy a ticket at bus station - sit places not will be enough, for example.
    Or add peak hour from 6am to 8 am and 18pm to 20pm.

    Best Regards,

  • Helloo
    This is the Captain of the Paper Boat speaking, and I have some wishes / ideas

    1. to be able to make adjustments to the steering wheel and the driver's seat ;;
    2. more passengers please it's kinda alward to drive a bus only with 15 passengers ;; in that case change to a van simulator and that's ok, no harm done
    at least double the number of passengers or make and algorythm: depending what kind of bus you're driving ;; from Berlin to Munich with Man Lion C Coach it's kinda lame to have only 14 passengers :)) c'moon
    3. if point 2 isn't ok, at least make a code where the a passenger after is cheked to walk and go in the bus ( don't tell me that ur 4 isn't capable of doing such...or if you don't know how to do it, ask help from dovetail - just saying)

    4 preettyyy please please please ; at the togle mouse control, cand you cut the gas and brake stuff and let only steering ??
    it's more smoother and ok, and it doesn't mess with the camera than the steering options ;; and it's annoying, if I move the mouse accedentaly down, it will brake, and ...lose time and my calm :D

    hope we hear each other with "good news everyone" ! :D

  • Hello,

    I have a wish/idea which makes could make the game more fun, in my opinion.

    Because Fernbus Sim is running on UE4, could it be possible to create a VR mode?
    To create the feeling you're really driving the coach. I myself have been developing in UE4 for VR for some time now, and I know that it is possible.

    I would like to know if this is even possible for you to do, and even if you have plans to do it.

    kind regards,


  • It's a great game, thanks for your devoted work.
    However, it would be nice to see some pedestrians at last, as towns as cities are very empty without them - like ghost towns... Can we expect them in a short while or are they not a priority any more?
    Thank you for your answer, and congratulation to the sim!