Fernbus Coach Simulator: Your wishes and ideas

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  • Be able to at radio station in the game like ETS2 (I want to listen BBC one or Capital in the game :) )

    I saw the video of your multimedia DLC in beta. He switch to external camera and the radio still play it would be great if the you can not hear the radio when you not in the bus.

    Thank you

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  • it would be great if the you can not hear the radio when you not in the bus.

    Thank you

    For me it's good choice that radio goes on when external camera is selected. When you're in frist person view, the radio cannot be heard when you're outside the coach. Perhaps an new option is needed in audio menu so that people can choice.

    Also, I have an audio suggestion : a dedicated slider to engine sound volume.

  • I hope my passengers can't be more. Each point has already pulled the bankrupt person in reality. There are also random events such as traffic congestion, and road control. Hope can be more, and there is a scheduling to inform the driver. Drive through the town or the parking lot and have a driver sign in. Rather than boring to get to the end of the car, it's very uninteresting.

  • My things id like to see would be,

    Local busses moving around.
    Traffic moves around stopped coaches (currently they just sit behind even if you are slightly out of line)
    At Stations you need to have the A1 coaches moving, stopping opening doors etc ? I know we have to odd ones moving on the road but its not the same.

    Great game and recent updates are improving things very nicely well done, how far along is more passengers and passengers walking on coaches ?


  • after i plat the game with flashbass fm for a while I notice that I don't any of those song that flasgbass play. Also don't understand the language. So i dont know everything in fb fm...lol

    INTEL i7 7700k
    Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 8GB 2133Mhz
    GeForce GTX 1060 GAMING X+ 6G
    SSD 128GB, HDD 1TB
    Microsoft Window 10 Professional X64

  • Can the splash screen volumes be lower? Im not sure but I feel like the splash screens when you boot the game arent effected by the ingame audio sliders. They are ear pearcing loud , maybe make a option to disable the splash screens? Or make them as loud as my audio sliders.

    Also, i sitll think the foliage could be smaller, it seems abit unrealistic how high the foliage across the map is, if it would be 1/2 of the height it is now it would be more realistic imo

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  • I've been sitting on these ideas for quite some time. I like the game, but sometimes somehow it just doesn't feel detailed enough to me, so here are some things I would be happy to see being implemented:

    • Seeing the recently built bus wash stations makes me wonder about the point of said buildings. My gut tells me it's some kind of preparation for the football-themed DLC, but would it be possible to make the buses get dirty?
      Bug splashes on the windscreen, dust in dry conditions, dirt and mud in wet weather, snow on the bus during heavy snowfall, cleaning the windscreen with washer, passenger comments if the bus is dirty, less points at the end, etc.
    • The physics in rain and in snow are totally the same as in dry weather. If the weather would have an effect on the physics, that would be awesome.
    • I also miss some particle effects, like the water spray at the wheels in rain, tire marks and dust behind the bus on dirt, skid marks in case the wheels block (with sounds!), most of these somehow never make into simulators.

    These are not related to the previously listed items but would also be welcomed additions:

    • It was probably mentioned before but this game screams for a dedicated photo mode, where you can move around with the camera, zoom in and out, tilt it, stuff like that, similar to what we have in ETS 2. It would be particularly useful for the screenshot contest. ;)
    • A freeroam camera would also be nice with changeable FOV.

    Keep it up guys!

  • I just started with this one. So far, it is good.

    From what I saw on YouTube, I wish repainting was much simpler. Maybe an external repaint tool that loads a bus painted white, and a set of .png files that wrap the sides and ends of the bus. But that's just an idea.

    Also, when creating routes in career mode, I noticed that the most recently created/edited route goes to the top of the list. I would rather the list be sorted by name or route number so that a route I want to drive is easier to find.

    Those are my ideas for now.

  • Hi,

    There is a lot I would like to see from this simulator, I think it's really good already and I know the devs can only do so much!

    What I would like to see most:

    • When the bus goes downhill it should gain speed, not lose speed
    • sort out a few map bugs like gaps under the road or trees across the road
    • More passenger skins/models
    • More AI vehicle models, add local busses, Fire Englines, Ambulance
    • See AI car headlights further away in mirrors
    • Mercedes Tourliner DLC - Flixbus companies seem to have a lot of these

    Keep up the good work guys :-) Really Looking forward to the Austria and Switzerland DLC!

  • We've had some experiments with Linux, but there's quite a need for individual optimization to get the game running well. Due to the very low amount of Linux users in our fan base, we can't afford the extra costs to develop an extra Linux version of our games - At least at the moment.

  • We've had some experiments with Linux, but there's quite a need for individual optimization to get the game running well. Due to the very low amount of Linux users in our fan base, we can't afford the extra costs to develop an extra Linux version of our games - At least at the moment.

    Obviously your amount of Linux users in your fan base has to be very low, because I think you haven't developed any game with linux support (correct me if I'm wrong). I know that other Aerosoft games have Linux support and its sales in percentage are higher than the percentage of users with Linux / SteamOS on Steam. Linux gamers are quite different from the rest of the gamers on other plattforms. The kind of games we play is more closer to alternative developments than commercial games or AAA. Another games similar to your developmens has a lot of success on the linux gamers , and they give linux support from years to all of their products.

    I'm pretty sure your game would sell well to Linux users, but, of course, the final decision to grant linux / SteamOS support to your games is up to you

    All this conversation comes to mind:


  • Hello!

    First off to let you know, this is a long post.

    I hope it's not to late to offer some feedback and ideas.

    I just picked up Fernbus a few weeks ago, Really love it. It's been a long while since I looked at the time
    and it said 19:00 and then next thing I know its 3:00!

    I am keeping the game locked to system time and date. thus far I have only seen winter, but I like all the snow and ice on the road.
    Although when it does snow, I think it is too light, needs to be a bit heavier with melting/rain effects on the windows. There
    are the few odd bugs here and there but they have already been mentioned by others, but nothing really game braking.

    I get a solid 30-40 FPS, and while a lot of people seem to be upset at that number I don't know if they take into
    account its a smooth 30-40 FPS.

    My biggest background is flight sims so I am used to a not so smooth 20 FPS all the way up to a smooth 90 FPS.

    Most of the time while I am enjoying my trips it I have been thinking about this feedback and Ideas thread and how I can contribute.
    I have put some thought into it. I will make subjects so it is a little easier to follow.

    Mouse Toggle

    First off, as a TrackIR user, What Allmore said in post 20 about having a mouse toggle to be able to use the
    buttons in the cockpit camera without having to cycle with other buttons (5,6,7,8) while driving would be great.
    I tend to turn on the bus lights on and turn up the radio a bit (but not blaring) about 1 block away so the people who are asleep can
    wake up and get their eyes adjusted so they can get their carry-on luggage down. as of now, I have to hit 5, turn on the lights and get back to
    cockpit view (2) before (most of the time AFTER) I hit the curb or car, or tree. . or whatever.

    And yes I have the passenger lights on a key, but it toggles between on/dim/off. It would be easier and better to just glance down a little
    and go from dim to full on.

    And Yes, I know it's a game, but I like to role play :0)
    In WOS 3 - London Circle Line we had to hold down shift to be able to use the mouse. So I know yall can do it!

    I also noted that it was green so I don't know/if when you will include this feature.


    It would be nice to see packages in the luggage area as a visual. Perhaps on the driver side area.
    I feel the luggage/cargo area seems a little empty. I don't know much about Flixbus but I know Greyhound here
    in the U.S will take cargo.



    I feel is that there is no real feeling of accountability. What would be a nice addition would be a reputation system.
    It would reflect on current ticket prices, The ability to keep a time schedule.
    How one handles the bus on the road. It would also take into account the weather and time of day.

    So for example:

    1. The ticket price is set for free, it's a sunny day with a 12:00 - 15:00 route. but the driver runs red lights, has accidents,
    ignores the time schedule and gets to the destination hours too early or late, never takes a break

    Although it is a free ticket, and it is in the middle of a sunny day, the lack of care for the passengers and non caring
    attitude of a being punctual and not having safety as a priority, very few people would be willing to risk their life to travel
    on that bus.

    2. The ticket price is set very high, it's rainy it's a 1:00 - 6:00 route, but the driver obeys all traffic laws, makes sure to take
    breaks when needed and gets to the destination with in a +/- 30 min window.

    Although the ticket price is high and it is in the middle of the night and rainy, More people would be willing to ride
    because although the time & weather conditions are not ideal, the reputation of being a trust worthy driver that is
    safe & punctual would out weigh the high ticket price, time & weather.

    Granted those are extreme examples, I am just trying to get my idea to you as best as I can.

    I know that we can not set ticket prices, but perhaps that can be implemented as well. If not, then it would still
    work with driving, weather, schedule and time of day.

    I personally feel a reputation system would be more rewarding experience then making X amount of money.
    With this system one would be able to see how their driving is affecting the relationship/trust of the passengers you transport.
    One would be able to tell if their reputation is starting to suffer, or improve due to visual clues.

    Lets say one notices that there is starting to be less people on the bus. That is, the average of 30-40 passengers went
    down to 10-15. One would be able to go to menu and see where they are suffering at. Perhaps it is something that is
    simple as stopping to fast. With seeing that information the driver then can make changes that would allow for their
    reputation to increase again and would visually see it reflect with the amount of passengers increasing over time.
    Any increase or decrease of passengers would be over time.

    The reputation system is not to be confused with a company manager where you have to up keep the bus, and any
    financial responsibilities of a company.

    I know this probably will never come about but It's an idea I have really been thinking about and wanted to share it.


    Last thing I wanted to say is it would be nice if the 15 min breaks could actually be 15 min that passes (in game 15 that is)
    but with the engine running with some of the passengers getting off with the option to use the time warp.
    I say this because sometimes I need a break and would be nice to let the time go by while I stretch my legs.
    Going from Kiel to Konstanz via Kassel & Frankfurt One needs a break IRL. As has been mentioned before, would be nice if we
    could take breaks (with a bonus to XP or reputation) where ever we can stop (gas, bus stop etc).

    There are a few other ideas that come and go, but for the most part the thought of a reputation system being
    implemented keeps coming to mind, I know this was a long post but wanted to put my thoughts down.

    Thanks for making this game and I know I will get the Map DLC, Also excited to use the modding tool!

    Keep up the good work!

    Paul S.

  • ENG:
    I really love Fernbus simulator and TML-Studios. I've been following TML-Studios for a long time and this development is growing every year! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: I'm very glad that I chose the genre of the bus simulator. Fernbus simulator is an excellent product. Every time I run Fernbus and am happy like a child. I can not even make a short break for several days, because I want to get behind the wheel of the bus again.
    Excellent graphics, very, very realistic, live realistic sounds, and of course Flixbus. I especially want to thank TML-Studios for providing a 10% discount for a real Flixbus trip, which went along with the Fernbus simulator I bought: Platinum edition. It was possible in January 2018 to travel many times to the Czech Republic and Germany together with Flixbus and compare it with the Fernbus Simulator. It's amazing!!! Only positive emotions.
    From my wishes and ideas: :fernbus:
    1) I want more snow in Fernbus. Maybe even a blizzard, and the buses were snowflakes or drops of melted snow. Snow-covered slippery roads. Or at least just more snow. Oh there is not enough snow 8|:(
    I'm sure it will be very nice together with Austria + Switzerland DLC !!! ;)
    2) Add a weather phenomenon like fog;
    3) Add the opportunity to make money and create your company with hired drivers;
    4) Make shops near stops with coffee, toilet and food. So that you can spend money. :fbs-sign-378::fbs-sign-376::fbs-sign-224:

    And most importantly, what I would like is the preservation of the bus in the game. To be able to put the bus in the garage, save and when loading in the garage find it. In order not to choose a new bus when loading Fernbus.

    With best wishes and ideas, and also with love to you, Denis!
    Ich liebe Fernbus-Simulator und TML-Studios. Sie waren bereits im Anschluss an die Entwicklung der TML-Studios und jedes Jahr größer Entwicklung bekommt! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: Ich bin sehr erfreut, dass Sie genre Bus Simulator gewählt haben. Fernbus-Simulator - ein ausgezeichnetes Produkt. Jedes Mal, wenn ich starte Fernbus und glücklich wie ein Kind. Ich kann nicht einmal eine kleine Pause für ein paar Tage zu machen, weil ich wieder hinter dem Steuer des Busses sitzen will.
    Exzellente Grafik, sehr, sehr realistisch, lebendig realistische Sounds und natürlich das Unternehmen Flixbus. Ich möchte vor allem die TML-Studios zu geben 10% Rabatt auf das Unternehmen echte Flixbus Reise danken, die mit der Platte ging entlang ich Fernbus Simulator gekauft: Platinum Edition. Es gelang im Januar 2018 viel Zeit in der Tschechischen Republik und Deutschland zu reisen, zusammen mit Flixbus und vergleichen mit Fernbus-Simulator. Es ist fantastisch !!! Nur positive Emotionen.
    Meine Wünsche und Vorstellungen: :fernbus:
    1) Ich will mehr Schnee in Fernbus. Vielleicht sogar ein Schneesturm, und Bus-Gläser waren eine Schneeflocke oder ein Tropfen von geschmolzenem Schnee. Schnee Straßen sind rutschig. Oder auch nur mehr Schnee. Sehr viel Schnee ist nicht genug 8|:(
    Ich bin sicher, dass es sehr schön mit Österreich + Schweiz DLC in Verbindung sein wird !!! ;)
    2) Fügen Sie ein Wetterphänomen wie Nebel;
    3) Fügen Sie die Möglichkeit, Geld zu verdienen und machen Sie Ihr Unternehmen mit gemieteten Fahrer;
    4) Machen Sie einen Stop-Shops um mit Kaffee, WC und Küche. Um das Geld ausgeben. :fbs-sign-378::fbs-sign-376::fbs-sign-224:

    Und vor allem möchte ich - ist die Erhaltung des Busses im Spiel. Um den Bus in der Garage, Geschäft zu setzen und wenn sie in die Garage geladen, es zu finden. Um zu vermeiden, einen neuen Bus auswählt, wenn Fernbus geladen.
    Die besten Wünsche und Ideen, und mit Liebe für Sie, Dennis!

  • Hi,
    I aggree with Denis_W's ideas.
    And I would like to add some things that I would like to see in this amazing simulator:
    1) Driver Camera settings - someone like the current camera settings, but for me the camera is too high in all buses
    2) Sound of wind while driving on highway at high speed
    3) More driver apperance options - I know it's a small thing, but it would be nice to change their clothes, hair styles, etc.
    4) Technology options like in CBS München (acceleration options, braking system,...)
    5) More passengers
    I don't know if all of my ideas are possible to add, but this is just a list of things what I would like to see :)
    Thank you!

  • Add buses from Brazil type (Marcopolo g7 1200, Marcopolo g7 DoubleDecker [2 floors]), fix lag problems, add a possible multiplayer and create a checklist system, when starting the game you have a checklist to check the requirements for the bus, type, check brakes, engine, tire and etc ...

  • Driver Seat - positioning (up, down, forward, backward, inclination) as the coaches and buses are very ergonomic these days

    This can help a lot for a camera point of view at the dashboard and route.

    One is tall another small ;)