Fernbus Coach Simulator: Your wishes and ideas

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  • For BB40 and W906 vans, you can add a new driving mode to the game. :thumbup:

    For example, with these minibuses, we can take the passengers from the front of their homes and leave them at the bus terminal.:/

    The purpose here is to take the passengers in the city to the terminal until the departure time for the bus service. As an even more beautiful feature, after bringing the passengers to the terminal with a minibus, we can choose the bus and drive between cities. The important thing is to add a difference to the game.

    We will not charge for the transportation service to the terminal, because this is a special service of the bus company we have. We provide a special shuttle service to transport the passengers who want to get service before the departure time from their homes to the terminal. When the economic system is added, we can raise the ticket prices of the passengers who want to get special shuttle service. This can be left entirely to the preference of the players, the company managers.

    I make this suggestion considering that we will have a company in the economic system in the future. Of course, players have the right to choose. They can close the transportation service until the terminal whenever they want. But in this way there should be a decrease in the number of passenger demands. Imagine you will go to another city and the bus company brings you from your home to the terminal with a van. Your tendency to choose will increase. Such scenarios enhance the realism of the game.

    Meanwhile, companies in my country offer this service to us. it is not an imaginary feature.:)  Quarney  Timo  mk0  Mathias

  • When you spend a lot of time behind the wheel, interesting thoughts and ideas come ;)

    It would be nice as a wish in the FBS and TBS simulators to make a bright glow of the sun, for the need to use a visor (curtain) in the bus. So that when the bright sun shines, we lower the visor for the comfort of the eyes, as well as to better see the road.

    At the moment, unfortunately, the sun is not so bright that there is a need to use curtains.

  • Using the sun visor significantly affects realism. The length of the curtain is very important but I think it is not enough. Since the sunshade is short, it will not block the sun rays.

    I would love to have the glass more dirty and have wet wipers. It would be a great innovation for the simulation world. I have not yet seen a simulation game with juicy wipers.

    I was very happy to hear that the new lighting system was built. Many people like me complained about the whiteness problem. I look forward to the innovations.:):thumbup:

  • Photo mode is a very awesome feature. To enhance that function, press the Home key to get an external perspective regardless of the current perspective.

    Furthermore, it is good to eliminate collision detection.

    And even more importantly, I want more control keys. This is something someone has mentioned in the past, I also want to easily adjust the height of the perspective.

    For reference, in iRacing (this is awesom racing sim), press Alt + W or S key to move the camera up and down. And press Alt + A or D to tilt the camera.

    I'd love it if you would implement it @TML-Stadios.

  • Kadimbey,

    I really like your idea with janitors and dirty glass that we could wash. It would be amazing! Every time I myself dream of such a thing in both FBS and TBS :saint:

    As for the curtain (visor), I would like to note that when moving to a garage or another place on the bus, its position, unfortunately, is not saved, and you have to lower it again. It would be great in the next updates to eliminate this point, if of course it is possible.

    PigeonBB Now in the world, basically, all passengers book tickets online. Most likely, this situation can be considered as if passengers are buying tickets not from you, but on the Internet. But in general, this is a great idea that would give the simulator even more realism. New problems are not excluded - the creation of money, tickets, their implementation. Which, alas, require a lot of time.

  • The lighting system of the game and the sun will soon be changed to a new realistic...

    Oh wow8|

    This is amazing! I am so delighted with driving in a simulator, and this news cannot but rejoice. Especially the sky. I have long dreamed of seeing realistic 3D clouds or a more cloudy sky in a thunderstorm, so that at maximum settings there are no pixels in the blue sky. It’s great that my dream will come true soon! How awesome it is! :saint:

    As for the sun, I just do not have enough of its brightness, but if it is even better, then of course I will only be glad. I especially like the idea of TML-Studios to use the sun's rays on the windshield of the bus. At first I thought that this real sun from the window fell on my monitor, but then I realized that it was the rays of the sun that are so implemented in the simulator. This is the most awesome thing that can only be observed in the simulator TML-Studios. Respect! :thumbup:

    As for the next update with a new sky and lighting, I would really like to advise TML-Studios to warm up the interest of the audience and do a minute teaser about the work done.

    What are the advantages?

    + There will be an opportunity to gain even more fans

    + teaser will foster interest in waiting for a new update

    + The new noticeably important update will be different from all the previous ones.

    + new video on Youtube channel (TML-Studios)

  • So the lighting system in the game of realism during the rain rain, this storm is very cool expected and implemented, also the effect of the sun, sky and driving at night. On this occasion, I suggest TML STUDIOS to make dynamic weather and increase the amount of snow on the roads and flakes. The option of fog with snow is to reduce the fog. @Denis_W I would like to inform you that this year there will be many updates and new functions and attractions including DLC of various types I am waiting myself because surprises are beautiful:):thumbup:

  • I'm playing with the keyboard. Can you bring the steering wheel's rotation speed adjustment?

    That would be cool. However, I also play Fernbus on the keyboard and I have turned off auto-centering of the wheel and surprisingly, I find that Fernbus is the best driving game ever when it comes to playing on the keyboard, far better than e.g. ETS2 which has such rotation speed adjustment option. I recommend you give that a try, although that might just be my personal preference.

  • Martin 40 Bus

    Yes, I have the Logitech Driving Force GT, but I find it's too much hassle moving the steering wheel around my desk when I want and don't want to use it, so much that I decided to hide it in my room. ^^ But Fernbus also has so much interactive elements, besides just driving, like checking passengers' tickets and opening luggage hatches, which makes sense for me to just play on the keyboard. :)

  • everybody does what they like :D, fernbus is an interesting game is getting better and better, there are many new features and surprises waiting for us. I just play the steering wheel as you describe^^. maybe join our league with Dynek :thumbup: virtual bus company nigelpet @Denis_W and other colleagues:fernbus::thumbup:

  • That would be cool. However, I also play Fernbus on the keyboard and I have turned off auto-centering of the wheel and surprisingly, I find that Fernbus is the best driving game ever when it comes to playing on the keyboard, far better than e.g. ETS2 which has such rotation speed adjustment option. I recommend you give that a try, although that might just be my personal preference.

    Months ago I addressed this subject. I used the Xbox controller for a long time, I started playing with the keyboard after creating a great configuration where I disabled the automatic centralization of the steering wheel and after this change I remained playing on the keyboard until now. :)

    Despite the good experience I felt the lack of a button dedicated to the centering of the steering wheel. Example: I press the "S" key and the steering wheel automatically returns to the center.

    I made a reference to the OMSI settings where this option exists and I can choose which key to add this function to.

    A suggestion for the TML team: if it is possible to improve the sensitivity of the controls connected to the rotation of the steering wheel, add higher values.

    I was able to configure it in the best possible way but the adjustment values are low, thus limiting the possibilities regarding sensitivity.

    The biggest problem for example is when I turn to the right (or left) and press the opposite side the steering wheel turns very fast, because the values are low in the settings.

    If you are interested I can send my keyboard configurations, so you can test it. And understand what I'm saying. :/

  • I am very impressed :) with the progress of Fernbus. This game has improved a lot from the beginning so far. Moving forward, I would like to see the following added to the game:


    1. Mercedes Benz

    2. Volvo

    3. Official licensed Setra brand (currently Comfortclass with no Setra logo)


    1. UK map and buses with Right Hand Drive configuration (a good example would be the trucks of Euro Truck Simulator 2)

    2. Scandinavia


    1. Reworked sounds in general (e.g wiper sound, engine, gearbox, ambient sounds)


    1. Better optimisation to cater to a wider range of computers


    1. Passengers entering and leaving the bus instead of teleporting

    2. The four seasons