Fernbus Coach Simulator: Your wishes and ideas

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  • Scooby we would love to see this one as well, but as Christian04 correctly said, Daimler/ Mercedes is a very very hard to obtain license, in fact almost impossible without spending a huge pile of money. So let's see what the future brings :) Your bug report has been forwarded, thanks!

  • Scooby we would love to see this one as well, but as Christian04 correctly said, Daimler/ Mercedes is a very very hard to obtain license, in fact almost impossible without spending a huge pile of money. So let's see what the future brings :) Your bug report has been forwarded, thanks!

    Then better to bring with fake license and logo, important part feeling that bus than seeing logo, Setra also not licensed but we enjoy anyway, surely better to see with brand but all ok. MB Travego and Tourismo both i want a lot to drive.

    Meanwhile, even if we cannot select the route on the map, can you adjust the parking break points as selectible like the busstops? So that GPS will show us those routes and we can see when we will be able to take a break etc. I think this thing is something you can do with the new update.

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    Scooby - we're consistantly revewing potential vehicle DLCs, more are in the pipeline, we'd prefer to get licensed vehicles where possible, but as mentioned further up this thread, manufacturers like Volvo/Mercedes/Setra are very hard to obtain licenses for, as they're expensive!, but i can promise you, more vehicle DLCs are on the way, we will share news when we are ready too.

    Kind Regards.

  • Selam,

    [user = '6436'] Scooby [/ user] - potansiyel araç DLC'lerini sürekli olarak yeniliyoruz, daha fazlası yolda, mümkün olan yerlerde lisanslı araçlar almayı tercih ediyoruz, ancak bu başlıkta daha da bahsedildiği gibi, Volvo gibi üreticiler / Mercedes / Setra, pahalı oldukları için lisans almak çok zor! Ancak size söz verebilirim, daha fazla araç DLC'si yolda, biz de hazır olduğumuzda haberleri paylaşacağız.


    I'm just giving an idea, I know the managers are working.

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    Scooby - of course ideas are welcome, i was just being honest with you regards to vehicle DLCs no offense was meant :)but we are extremely busy right now as you know, with "the Bus" being prepped for EA, and the impending release of DLC Netherlands next week, we simply don't have time for any extensive projects right now, however it's unlikely the vehicle you mention will come to Fernbus/Tourist Bus, but you never know what the future holds.

    Kind Regards.

  • Please make the photomode in fernbus so that it automatically switches to the orbit camera when you press the home button. So it automatically lets you move the camera around the bus by default. Also please implement a way to acces photo mode from the Pause menu. Thanks

  • New vehicles are always good.

    I am hoping for vehicle improvements, new sounds and customization.

    I liked that the hubcaps were installed in the MAN Lion's Coach 2, but more need to be added in the other vehicles and include variations of these hubcaps. :/

    We still need to program a bus AI arriving and departing from the terminals.

  • My opinion

    And if we focus on solving basic problems rather than secondary things (decorations, tires) etc ...

    -The traffic AI is terrible and it is frustrating that they do not respect the rules of the road.

    -The change in ambient light should be more gradual and not that it suddenly dawns ... it's like someone lighting a huge lamp.

    -I consider that these are important issues to leave the game polished and together with the optimization that always comes in handy and from what is seen in the last patches you know how to do it very well.

    DLCs are always welcome and necessary for the business to prosper and motivate us to keep playing.

    Excuse the language, I use a translator. THX

  • I want to re-suggest the latest entry i did, it would be nice to be able to select Parking/Break points like we select stops in the map. As we cannot do anything on the map, we can select where to stop and give break.

    Another issue i want to mention, to reduce buildings lights, they shine a lot and almost all the windows on buildings shine, it doesn't seem realistic. Less light with less lightened windows would look better.

  • wingo44
    I understand you, I thought like that in the past but I know that TML will not work miracles when it comes to correcting problems. I respect your opinion and that of any other member of the forum, my wish is the same.

    But I have discussed for years about performance, lighting and derivatives, I prefer to be absent from these issues.

    When I discuss these issues it is always in Beta versions.

    In this topic I prefer to express my ideas for the game.
    The points I mentioned are necessary things (I can't say the degree of priority), I see games for mobile phones with the same features.
    These functions are common and why in Fernbus is it non-existent?
    My question remains.

    OMSI for example, there are bus arrivals and departures at points and terminals with fixed schedules (emphasizing that the traffic and vehicle programming is passive).
    Despite being bad, there is an attempt to simulate a movement and make the environment more alive.

    Unfortunately the Fernbus was launched very prematurely and needs new features.


    Good suggestion for stopping points, I must have mentioned something in the past, plus your suggestion of programming where to stop is sensational.

  • Code
    As a player who plays the Fernbus Simulator Game every day without exception, I would like to mention the deficiencies in the game and, as a game producer, to fix and add these errors.
    1. It is annoying that the traffic AI does not obey the road rules. This situation should be regulated.
    2. The number of terminals should be increased in the game. In particular, the map of Germany should be reviewed in this regard. Because it is quite annoying to unload passengers from the roadside.
    3. Again, recreational facilities should be increased on the map of Germany. In addition, washing stations should be activated for buses.
    4. An artificial intelligence program is required to increase the number of buses in urban and intercity roads, especially buses to and from the terminals.
    5. The funny air horn, similar to the ambulance siren found in buses, should be wiped or edited.
    6. Flixbus purchased by the company of other countries (Romania, Turkey, Poland ...) forum should come in time as though the game DLC. Although such countries will not be introduced, mod support should be introduced to allow players to make their own country maps.
    7. An animation image of artificial intelligence passengers getting on and off the bus should be set up. In addition, the market and catering system in the Football DLC should be brought to Fernbus.
    8. As in Tourist Bus Simulator game, company system, money system and second hand vehicle trading system should be introduced.
    Considering the situation since 2017, the release date of the game, your developments are admirable, and I would like to present you, our esteemed officials, to take into account the above observations in order to develop the game further.
  • I want to make another suggestion which is really important one.

    Please remove so called city atmosphere sounds. It kills all the enjoy, suddenly when we enter city limits they start but we don't hear ambulance-police sounds every second or car horns when there is no car around at all at 3 am. Plus, it comes when we pass beside petrol stations etc. sometimes, out of city places.

    Instead of this annoying and unrealistic thing, you can try to add some bus station sounds like people sitting/waiting their buses at the station. You can add people like you had done in some cities (sitting people) and make some chat noises but not annoying ones please. And a background sound like announcements at the bus stations.

    Another issue, it would be nice if you can add a feature from the Football Team DLC. Chat and passenger noises at the background while we drive but not so much and sleeping noises at night trips etc.

    Even if you don't add anything, please and please remove that so called city noises :)))

    Have a good holiday and Merry Christmas :)